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Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Cirpius 134 100 13 80 102 82
Gorgias 270 100 28 100 102 163
Trillium 147 100 13 102 134 97
Zaghrem 137 100 14 100 87 79

In the entrance area, go into the cave. Exit on the other side there and go east into another cave. Inside, go south and east, then past a crack in the wall. Take the southbound path to find a Main Gauche outside in a chest. Backtrack and, before going north across the bridge, there will be a path to the west. Use it to find the Gigas Glove in a chest.

Return to the main path and go north across the bridge to leave. Outside, follow the path around to the back of the cliff, then continue along the path and into the cavern. Go along the path to reach a Tent in a chest. Backtrack to the main path and go west, into the next cave you see. Here, go along the linear path outside. There, go along the path north, then east across the bridge and into the cavern. You’ll find a Save Point here; use a Tent here and save. Then exit to the east.

Check out the weird looking lights in the caves for hidden paths to items. Also explore holes in the mountain for more items. Yay!

Back outside, go along the linear path to meet up with a man. Speak with him for a fight.

Vargus, Ipooh x 2

Vargas will stick to using a basic attack weaker than most normal enemies here (and his Ipoohs), as well as Gale Cut , which attacks the whole party for about 50 damage; 100+ when on one target. The Ipoohs only can use a basic attack and Claw (50% more power than a basic attack). You’ll have to begin by removing the Ipoohs. So have Terra focus on using enemy party-wide Fire attacks, Edgar using his Auto Crossbow, and Locke simply attacking.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to fight Vargas. Here, I continued with the old strategy, except I used a party-wide Cure beforehand, just in case. After a little over 700 damage, Sabin (Edgar’s twin brother) will appear. Vargas soon uses Blizzard Fist to get rid of everyone but Sabin, then uses Doom Fist to damage Sabin and inflict Doom. He’ll die in about sixty seconds.

Gale Cut will take off around 50 HP per character so keep your HP up. When Sabin arrives, follow the on-screen instructions to unleash his ability Raging Fist.

Since you’ll need to know how to use a Blitz to win, I’ll just teach you now. Select “Blitz” from the command menu. When the hand cursor appears on Sabin, press a button combination on the screen. If you did it right, you’ll use the Blitz. With the aforementioned combination, you’ll use Raging Fist and end the battle.

After the battle, watch the scene, in which Sabin joins your party. Cool. Go into the cavern now and go along the linear path outside. Be sure to grab the chest with the Tent on the way. Outside of the cave, go south to leave. We’re now going to …

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