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Tiger, Machine, Magic, Power

Tiger can use a basic attack, Zombie Fang, Southern Cross, Northern Cross, and Flare. Familiar stuff - moving on. The Machine will use Absolute Zero, Missile, Gravity Bomb, Atomic Rays, Magitek Laser, Delta Attack, and Diffractive Laser. Magic will use a load of magic: Blizzara, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Bio, Drain, Rasp, Graviga, Holy, Flare, Dispel, Stop, Reflect, Hastega, Sleep, Confuse, Silence, Imp, and Reraise. Power simply uses Attack each turn, except when it dies – it’ll use 10-Hit Combo (Attack +50%), then nine Attacks. In effect, it’ll do 10.5x the normal damage versus one Attack when it dies, okay?

We definitely want to start our battle by killing the Machine – Air Anchor or another instant-death attack works. (Though Air Anchor won’t miss.) Then cast Silence on Magic. Then use Slow on Power. BOOM! You’ve killed one enemy and crippled two severely. Simply focus now on killing Tiger – Blizzaga, etc. You know the deal by now, right? Then go to Magic and finish it off. You will finish it pretty easily, though not without pain – final counters will happen there.

Lots of attacks are possible, all of which are powerful. The 10-Hit Combo can decimate your party unless you have good defense.

And Power? Oh, we’re saving the best for last. Use this time as a healing session. Fill up your HP and MP via items and stuff – Power’s meager Attack won’t do much. Reinstate Haste, Protect, Shell, Regen, and Float. Hell, just for the irony of watching Power squirm, use Osmose on it to restore MP and do all your healing via spells, refilling MP from it when needed. Put Vanish on your party when ready to continue, then finish off Power. NEXT TIER!

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