When you enter the castle area, you’ll be allowed in. Once such has occurred, go north a few rooms to the throne room, where you’ll meet with King Edgar. After an … interesting … conversation, you’re left on your lonesome to loot the castle. (You’ll also receive the Auto Crossbow .) Great.

Go south and exit the throne room. In this area, head around and go north through the doors to find a chest with a Phoenix Down inside. Go south back into the previous area and, near the west-central and east-central part of the area, you’ll find some doors. Go through the east door to find a couple of chests containing an Antidote and a Potion . Speak with the man nearby to shop for some Tools. You already have the Auto Crossbow; get the other two.

Make sure to replenish your stock of healing resources as well as buy Tools from the other shop.

Go back to the previous area and through the west-central door. Open the chest for a Gold Needle . Here, you can speak with the man nearby for some items. I recommend buying about five of each status item, getting two or three Tents, and spending the rest on Potions.

Now, exit this room and go south from there back outside. Go south to find two doors previously blocked by soldiers. Go through the western one and north to find the Inn, which you can use free of charge. So use it. Then go downstairs and outside, then northwest into the tower. Here, speak with the old priestess to learn about Edgar’s twin brother, Sabin. That’s all for now.

Backtrack to the throne room and speak with Edgar. As a conversation begins, you’ll receive a message: Kefka, a high-ranking member of the Empire it seems, is coming for a visit.

Once you regain control of Terra, follow Locke through the eastern door, downstairs, and outside. Go east into the tower. You’ll find your residence for the night. And so, once you regain control, walk outside as Edgar and talk to Kefka.

Edgar, Locke, and Terra will end up fleeing on a big symbol of Final Fantasy – the Chocobos. Sadly enough, two Magitek Armors are still sicced on you by Kefka and you get dragged into a battle.

Magitek Armor x 2

These Magitek Armors are far worse off than you were earlier on in the game. Their attacks consist of a basic weak physical, a Magitek Laser , and Metal Kick (basically 50% more damage than a basic attack).

There is a simple strategy to this battle. Have Edgar use the Noiseblaster to confuse both of your opponents, leading them to attack each other. Be sure to maintain that Confusion status as well, due to physical attacks removing the status. Other than that, you can have Locke Steal items andTerra hit both Magitek Armors with Fire for a quaint cutscene. And if you did not buy a Noiseblaster as I requested? Well, first, shame on you. Secondly, have Edgar use the Auto Crossbow you should still have and Terra use Fire on both enemies. Locke can do whatever you want, I guess.

After the battle, you’ll be in the overworld after a cutscene.

If you cast Fire with Terra, there will be an amusing scene in the midst of battle. Select Tools with Edgar and use your previously purchased Tools on your enemies.


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