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For Relm, you’ll need to find Jidoor. It is southwest of Zozo; northeast of the Opera House; on the continent west of Tzen.


Not much to mention here; the Crystal Sword is inferior to the Falchion, but the Partisan … is also inferior. The Man-Eater is an okay knife, but beyond that restock.

You can also buy some items from the auction house:

– The Hero’s Ring is available for 50,000 Gil. You should already have one.

– The Excalipoor requires 500,000 Gil. You’ll use it to get an Esper later on.

– The Zephyr Cloak … come on, you know these. They aren’t worth the 10,000 Gil. Do what you want, then enter the mansion on the north side of town when you’re ready.

Owzers Mansion

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Blade Dancer 2539 100 1 60 769 1531
Caladrius 885 87 14 100 497 653
Coeurl Cat 1115 78 17 100 416 701
Crusher 2095 340 13 145 577 788
Misty 3580 500 1 110 1260 1151
Rafflesia 2200 305 13 110 767 872
Still Life 4889 390 13 150 1574 2331

Once you enter the mansion, go north to find a westbound staircase. Examine the light at the bottom of the staircase to be able to go on upstairs. Do so and examine the southwestern picture of the lady. Defeat the enemies and a doorway will appear. FIRST, THOUGH - Examine the painting of Emperor Gestahl twice to end up with the Emperor’s Letter. (You’ll understand what this has to do with anything if you visited the Coliseum earlier.) Read it… Hm. This might be useful in finding Locke.

Anywho, continue to the basement. In the basement, go south and west. Examine the chair painting for a battle, then go west and north along that path. Go through the western door and open the chest for a Moogle Suit. Go back to the previous area and take the eastern door. Go north to find three doors alternating when they open. First, circle around to the back hall and examine the wall at the end of the path for a Lich Ring . Then go through the westernmost doorway when it opens up. After exiting, go through the left door and forward.

You’ll find a room with four chests in the air. Step beneath them and fight the battles for their loot: 293 Gil, an Ether, a Gold Needle, and a Potion . Examine the painting of the suit of armor to fight a battle. Go through the new door that appears. In the next area, use the Save Point nearby, then go through the northeastern exit to the next area.

Examine the portrait of Gestahl twice to get the Emperor’s Letter. In the room with four chests, you must fight a battle for each chest. You are then free to take the contents.

There, go north and upstairs to find a Snorlax! Go, Pokéball! Oh, wait, that’s just Owzer! Speak with him for a quick scene, then a fight against…


When Chadarnook is in his Lakshmi form, he can use a basic attack, Last Kiss (sets Doom), Lullaby (party-wide Sleep), Entice , and Poltergeist (which seems to set a Super-Sap kind of thing, because you can’t remove it for some reason). The Chadarnook’s other form simply uses a basic attack, Hit (damage and Doom), Thundara, Thundaga, and Flash Rain (Water- and Ice/Blizzard-based damage to all … and it’s heavy).

It’s a good idea to start this battle by using Kirin, Fenrir, and Siren. Kirin is for the Regen; Fenrir for dodging attacks for a bit, and Siren is to stop most of the magic spells. First things first. You really should ignore attacking the lighter Lakshmi form - the HP regenerates, so your MP will be wasted very, very easily. Whenever this form comes up, for the next minute or so, focus on putting Protect, Shell, and Haste on everyone. Also focus on healing; Regen may be a bit too far, because of the Poltergeist.

Once the uglier form comes about, let the bullets fly. Send Ifrit out; Bahamut and Phoenix are good ideas, too, though you therefore haven’t been playing along with my guide. Have your spellcasters, namely Celes and Terra, focus on using Fira/Firaga; Sabin can use Rising Phoenix; and just let everyone else do their own thing. Don’t be afraid to heal with some Cura or Curaga, either.

The first form regenerates so don’t waste your MP on it. Wait till the ugly second form appears and then throw everything at it.

One thing NOT to do, though, is use Thunder-based stuff. I seriously had not paid attention to the bestiary I hacked in prior to the fight and ended up fighting for about an hour because I was using Thundaga – the Lakshmi would just regenerate, and the Chadarnook would absorb it.

After the fight, you’ll get the Lakshmi Magicite and Relm will join your party. Congratulations and stuff.

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