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Before you head off to the Floating Continent, seriously consider some of this:

– As you’ll need a team of three, I suggest bringing Terra, Cyan, and Locke. You’ll meet Shadow up here; go to the shops and buy equipment for him. Do NOT bring Celes; she’ll be forced into your party at the end; if you bring her along, you’ll be forced to a party of three rather than four.

– Bring along about 99 Hi-Potions and 40 Ethers ; you won’t see a shop for a fair while.

– You will no longer be coming to this world as it is. For completionism, you will need:

~ All of the Bestiary filled through #001 - #103; #279 - #297.

~ The Lores mentioned above.

~ Gau’s Rages for enemies #001 - #103 (except #036, #048, #078, and #093); #278; #279; and #296. That’s the major stuff, anyhow.

Once you’re ready, opt to head to the Floating Continent from the wheel of the Blackjack.

Fighting in the Air

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Sky Armor 900 170 16 150 400 350
Spitfire 1400 180 17 155 300 550

Hey! Both of these enemies are weak to Lightning/Thunder and Wind/Aero attacks. Have someone be using the Ramuh Esper in the next battles to almost finish it, if not completely finish it.

Anyway, you’ll fight four battles in a row now, each versus one Spitfire and one or two Sky Armors. In each battle, enemies will be on both sides of you; hence the idea of using Espers, for they’ll attack everyone at once.

Between the battles, I suggest healing up from the menu. After some battling, you’ll notice something strange up ahead. After another two battles, Ultros will hop onto the stern of the airship from whatever that thing was. Heal up and approach him for what will supposedly be your final fight versus him. Whatever, I don’t care - I kinda like these easy fights.

Ultros and Typhon

Ultros has a crappy move repertoire: Attack, Octupus Ink (same as the usual Ink: attack +50%, may blind you), and Tentacle as usual. Once Ultros takes around 4,500 damage, his buddy, Typhon, arrives. His moveset is worse! He only uses a basic attack or Fireball , ending with a party-wide Snort at battle’s end – it’s a plot device, so don’t worry.

Okay, let’s end this quickly. Summon Phantom at the start and, until Typhon comes around, you’ll be okay – better than that, INVULNERABLE. You can do what you want from there. Personally, I just used basic Attacks as there was no point in wasting MP. (Of course, Cyan stuck to Bushido #1 or #4 and Sabin should use the Rising Phoenix Blitz, but you get my point.)

Ifrit works well against Ultros. Typhon is very weak, his Fireball attack is pitiful. Use Espers and strong magic on both.

Once Typhon arrives, things are more complicated, for his Fireball should get rid of your invulnerability from the Phantom’s summoning. You can stop this via Silencing or Berserking Typhon and using Siren is an option, too.

Stick to basic attacks if your invulnerability is successfully persisted otherwise, eliminate Ultros with single-target Fira/Bio spells, then go for Typhon once Ultros is gone. Use Bismarck, Shiva, and/or Blizzara him to death. If none of those can happen, focus on basic attacks, Cyan’s #1/#4 Bushidos, or Sabin’s Raging Fist Blitz. The battle ends with you being Snorted away. Ew.

Literally right after that, I think you somehow get fully healed before the next boss.

Air Force, Laser Gun, Missile Bay, Bit

Air Force can hit with a basic attack, Hit (basic attack +50% power), a Diffractive Laser (party-wide damage), and Hyperwave Cannon (major damage, once the countdown reaches zero).

The Laser Gun uses a basic attack, Hit, Magitek Laser , and Atomic Rays . After taking a little over 1,500 damage, it swaps Atomic Rays for the Diffractive Laser. They’re the same thing, but the latter is weaker.

The Missile Bay can use Missile, which damages and may inflict Sap (which is a LOT better than its FFV counterpart, eh?), and Launcher is available after taking around 1,500 damage.

Air Force is quite powerful. He can hit with a pretty strong multi-hit attack. He is very weak to Thunder attacks though so use those.

The Bit is special in that it is only summoned when the Laser Gun dies. It will do nothing except be on eternal Runic duty – during this time, none of your magic is effective. Then the Air Force will count down to its Hyperwave Cannon.

First things first. Remember not to use Kirin for now. Instead, begin the battle by summoning Ramuh and Bismarck to abuse weaknesses. Characters should have a prioritization of using Thundara on the enemy party over a basic Attack (or, with Cyan, Bushido #1; with Sabin, Raging Fist or Rising Phoenix).

If brought down to basic attacks, focus firstly on the Missile Bay, our worst enemy insofar. Once it’s down, use Kirin to override any Sappings that are going on and effectively reverse them. From here on out, continue using party-wide Thundaras, party-wide (for you, this time) Curas, or Attacks as mentioned in the above paragraph. I will also note the usefulness of Strago’s Aqua Breath throughout the whole battle.

The Bit is a pain because it can stop magic casting but it is easily killed. However, this opens you up to a countdown but you should kill him before it reaches 0 anyway.

If the Bit comes out, you’ll have to attack it physically. Stick with the usual: Cyan’s Bushido #1/#4 (bit risky here, though), Sabin’s Raging Fist Blitz (still risky), and have everyone else just Attack.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to risk the Bit coming out, do not use multi-targeted attacks WHATSOEVER. Use single-target attacks (minus Espers as they shouldn’t be killing these in one hit) throughout the battle, first going for the Missile Bay, then the Air Force itself. Use Slow and Stop on the Laser Gun to REALLY make this more effective.

After the battle, you’ll land on the Floating Continent.

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