Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Acrophies 145 0 13 50 115 90
Cartagra 150 20 11 90 135 105
Gold Bear 275 10 13 40 185 160

From the entrance, go north and around to the next area. There, circle around to the east and head north, then go west and along the northbound path to the next area. There, you’ll go along the linear path towards a recovery spring. I suggest using it, as, when you go south towards the exit, you’ll be ambushed.

Tunnel Armor

The Tunnel Armor can use a basic attack (weaker than that of any enemy you’ve seen in a while), Drill (a double-powered attack), a Magitek Laser , Fire, Thunder, and Poison. You should understand the latter three.

As Celes suggests, have her use her Runic ability (and hope that her weapon works with it) to absorb the magic attacks of the boss. Have Locke begin by Stealing away the Air Knife (and the Bioblaster, if you lack one) before focusing him on the offensive. Keep Celes constantly using Runic (because its effects only apply to one spell at a time), unless a Cure is needed.

Keep using Runic or you will pay a hefty price (think 250 damage) from the spells. The only attack you need to watch out for then is Drill.

This scenario is … takes off sunglasses … over. gunshot


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