Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Imperial Elite 700 20 13 100 0 200
Mega Armor 1000 50 19 120 0 350
Sergeant 580 35 13 210 273 252


Once you enter town, you’ll find Returners, Narshe Guards, and destruction, with the final element being caused (mostly?) by the Espers. Speak with them if you wish, and visit the crappy shops as well.

When you’re ready, go to the north side of town and upstairs towards the Imperial Palace. Apparently, Emperor Gestahl wants to see you so follow the guard to the Emperor.

When you speak with Gestahl, we’ll opt to settle our differences over a little bit of dinner. Cool, I guess – free food. You’ll have four minutes until dinner is ready – I assume they already started cooking, and therefore knew you’d never turn down free food.

Warming Imperial Soldiers Hearts

In the meantime, you’ll have to speak with the various Imperial soldiers and bring them over to your side; there are twenty-four, and the more you bring along, the better your rewards. These rewards are determined by points. In turning Imperials to your side, you’ll gain one point for each one spoken to; you’ll gain five for winning a battle.

I seriously recommend using the Sprint Shoes Relic and the Auto-Dash option in the Config menu. Upon starting, go south to the next room. Go south and speak with the two soldiers, then south to find two more. Go out of the door and you’ll be outside. Go down the eastern staircase and speak with this guard, then go west to fight a Mega Armor guard.

Speak with the southwestern guard and go back inside. Once back in, go west and through the door. Head up and go through the door on the second floor. Speak with five of the guards here, and defeat the other one. Go through the northern door and speak with the guard in the … lavatory to fight.

Try and find all soldiers quickly. Any chests you find, you can leave till later to save time.

Backtrack and go upstairs to the third floor. Go through the door and speak with the guard on the way out. Outside, battle the Mega Armor and the soldier to the west. Go east and take the stairs northward to find two Magitek Armor guards.

Go into the room to fight another guard. Go outside and downstairs and then speak with the guard east of there. Go through the door nearby and downstairs. Head through the door and descend then go through the door.

Speak with BOTH guards here, then go into the south room to find another guard. This should complete all 24 guards and these 44 points. I managed with a few minutes to spare, given that my characters were a bit over-leveled at around Lv. 22 ~ 25 each. Once the timer runs out, dinner time!

The Banquet

Here, you’ll start some peace talks with the Empire. Obviously, Gestahl is not just going to yap-yap-yap the whole time; you’re going to fill in some blanks, too. Depending on your choices, your point values will go up. Combined with the 44 from before, you can have up to 93 altogether by the end of this, providing the best rewards. So, onto the conversation.

Gestahl - “At last, we can all be together, sharing a meal at the same table! Let us make a toast! To what shall we raise our glasses?”

  • –> To the Empire. (+2 points)

  • –> To the Returners. (+1 point)

  • –> To our homelands. (+5 points)
    Gestahl - “As you may know, I’ve imprisoned Kefka for his crime of using poison against Doma. What do you think should be done with him?”

  • –> Leave him in jail. (+5 points)

  • –> Pardon him. (+1 point)

  • –> Execute him. (+3 points)
    Gestahl - “I am truly sorry about what occured in Doma. No one ever dreamed Kefka would use poison.”

  • –> What’s done is done. (+1 point)

  • –> That was inexcusable. (+5 points)

  • –> Apologize again! (+3 points)

Choose whichever reply you want but know that there are answers that gain you more points.

Gestahl - “By the way… With regard to General Celes…”

  • –> Was she an Imperial spy? (+1 point)

  • –> Celes is one of us! (+5 points)

  • –> We trust her whether she spied or not. (+3 points)
    Gestahl - “Was there anything else you wanted to ask?”

  • –> Why’d you start the war? (+2 points)

  • –> Why do you want peace now? (+2 points)

  • –> Why’d we have to talk to your men? (+2 points)
    Gestahl - “With your permission, I’d like to talk about the Espers…”

  • –> I still have a few things to ask.

  • –> Okay. (Opt to ask a few more questions. Remember, you can ask each question one time for the bonus two points. Repeat, though, and you’ll lose TEN. Select “Okay, let’s talk about the Espers…” when you’re done.)
    Gestahl - “The Empire has been decimated by the Espers that emerged from the Sealed Gate. They’re just too powerful… If we don’t do something, they’ll tear the entire world apart!”

  • –> They have gone a bit too far… (+5 points)

  • –> You’re the one who brought them here in the first place! (+2 points)

Gestahl - “When the Espers came through on their rampage, all of my ambitions faded in an instant. Now I find myself asking why I ever wanted that much power in the first place. Of course, there is no excuse for the atrocities I committed in the name of conquest. By the way… what was that first question you asked me a minute ago?”

  • –> Why’d you start the war?

  • –> Why do you want peace now?

  • –> Why’d we have to talk to your men? (You’ll get a five-point bonus for getting this one right; nothing if you are wrong.)
    Cid - “You must be getting tired… Why don’t we take a short break?”

  • –> Take a break.

  • –> Keep talking. (Opt to “Take a break.” and walk around. Speak with the Imperial Elite and defeat them in less than two minutes for five bonus points; failure earns you nothing. Resume the conversation by getting back in your chair.)
    Gestahl - “Is there anything you wish to hear me say?”

  • –> That you really want peace. (+3 points)

  • –> That your war is truly over. (+5 points)

  • –> That you’re sorry. (+1 point)
    Gestahl - “I have a Magitek armor transport ship moored in the port of Albrook… I had hoped to send it to Crescent Island with all haste. Would you please go on board?”

  • –> Yes.

  • –> No. (Say “Yes.” for a three-point bonus. If you ever say “No.”, you’ll lose it.)

Everything Else

And that … ends the banquet. You could have earned up to 49 points, bringing your potential up to 93, as mentioned before. Apparently, we’re now to head to Albrook.

Terra alone was supposed to go until Locke decides to put himself into the mix. So, Locke and Terra will go catch the Albrook boat to head to Crescent Island to find Espers.

As you leave, an Imperial will come up to you and reward you, based on the points you’ve earned. Remember, as your Minimum Point Value goes up, you’ll gain the rewards for it, and the ones for lesser point values.

Minimum Point Value Rewards Earned
None South Figaro is no longer occupied by the Empire
50 Doma Castle is no longer occupied by the Empire which opens items up to you.
67 The Armory in the Imperial Observation Post is unlocked, giving you access to a wealth of items.
77 Tintinnabulum received.
90 Ward Bangle received.

During the banquet, you can fight the soldiers when asked for a break in the middle. Defeat them in two minutes to get points. Afterwards, you will receive a reward corresponding to how many points you got.

Now, time to loot this place while the Emperor isn’t looking. From where you meet up with Edgar, go south and west. Go through the door and through the next one at the bottom of the staircase. Open the chests for an X-Potion and an Alarm Earring . ’

Go outside, then upstairs to the second floor. Walk into the room and open the chest for an Ether . Exit and go downstairs, leaving via the southern door. Head to the far east and through the door here. Go up to the second floor door and on through. Next to the bedstand is a Gale Hairpin .

Go south via the red carpet to the restroom to find a Holy Water in a chest. Used for bathing? That’s it for looting. You can go find the prison cell yourself where Kefka is being held for a humorous scene. Otherwise, return to the overworld.


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