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Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Captain 456 20 18 5 50 0
Imperial Soldier 100 15 12 80 48 0
Magitek Armor 210 250 18 30 0 0
Satellite 1800 250 20 120 0 0
Templar 205 50 16 50 96 0

When you arrive, you’ll automatically hide and spy on the enemy. General Leo is going to lead the attack on Doma. Kefka, however, is also nearby. Cyan, the King’s retainer is nearby and you will see a scene, after which you’ll control Cyan.

Go outside and speak with the soldiers nearby (if you want) for some battles against two Imperial Soldiers per the eight soldiers. Then battle the Captain – the one doing nothing. In this fight, simply use Bushido. Back to the Imperial Camp. Once you regain control of Sabin, go into the east tent and examine the chest on its eastern half. “Kick it” for a fight, which I recommend; “Hit it” for an interesting scene. Either way, you’ll receive a Star Pendant .

Cyan’s Bushido uses different types of skills. The first one is a strong single attack. Check his abilities in the menu. If you want a battle, kick the chest.

By the way, feel free to speak with the Imperial Soldiers for some more fights. The more Gil, the better. Go south from the first two tents to find another scene with General Leo.

We now have to a fight a cowardly Kefka who will flee after being hit once. Follow him for a bit and rebattle. Don’t chase him again, okay? First, go north and into a tent to find some chests, one with the Mythril Glove , the other with a Green Beret awarded after a battle versus the Satellite.

Return to Kefka and speak with him again. Defeat the two Templars and the two Imperial Soldiers. You’ll control Cyan for a short time. Go downstairs in the castle and head into the throne room. Now, when you regain control, outside the room, go to the southern portion of the main hall and through the eastern door here. Get the Remedy from the pot, then return to the throne room’s entrance door. Go into the room to the east.

This chest has a Satellite inside. It is a very strong monster with a lot of health so be careful.

Cyan is pretty mad and goes straight to the Imperials’ camp to take them on single-handedly. Have Sabin go to the north/south side of Cyan and speak with him to battle alongside him. Repeat this a few times.

After the battle with the Officer and two Imperial Soldiers, you’ll … “borrow” some Magitek Armor. Awww yeah! Be sure to abuse this time in the next few battles for some free healing via Healing Force. Put everyone in the Back Row for now (until you get rid of the Magitek Armors).

Go north for a while to meet some enemies dumb enough to get in your way. Remember, enemy Magitek Armors are weak versus Lightning/Thunder-based attacks (Thunder Beam basically).

Eventually, you’ll have to leave the camp … and leave the Magitek Armor behind? What the hell was Sabin, Shadow, and/or Cyan thinking when they did that!? sigh So, return to the overworld. Remember to readjust everyone to their pre-Magitek Armor positions.

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