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Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Adamankary 1305 50 22 225 189 1450
Bonnacon 505 20 12 50 270 232
Land Grillon 977 80 15 115 410 292
Mandrake 1150 104 16 115 450 378
Venobennu 860 82 16 125 525 485

From the entrance, go northwest. Notice the chest off of the main path and open it to find a Healing Rod . Continue north and, at the fork, go east and through the doorway. Back outside, go along the path until you return inside. There, you’ll find another linear path. Continue towards the three golden statues to watch Strago freak out; is his old age finally getting to him? No…

Do you remember when Kefka once spoke of the Warring Triad? The statues are representations of them. Examine the statues if you want to read some neat text concerning them. Heal up and, as you leave, you’ll fight a familiar octopus.

This guy needs a new gig…

Grab the Healing Rod as you enter. Find the golden statues to carry on the story.


Ultros can use some expected attacks: a basic one, Tentacle, Ink, Protect, and Haste. To add to this, you get Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Aqua Breath, Stone (7.5x more damage on Lv. 25 characters, here), Magnitude 8, and Hailstone . Hailstone is used every minute or so and takes away ~75% of the target’s current HP. After hitting him five times with magic, Ultros will screw around and turn red – using a Fire spell now will make him counter with Firaga, an Ice/Blizzard spell with Blizzaga, and a Lightning/Thunder spell with Thundaga.

I will note that Magnitude 8 and Aqua Breath are only used every sixteen turns. See, at the end of every other turn, he’ll come closer to you. After eight movements, he’ll use one of the above attacks. You can back him up by hitting him thrice with magic. So, onto the strategy. Start off with Kirin, Ramuh, and Ifrit Espers being used. Have Locke focus afterwards on Attacks, if he brought the Hawkeye. If Strago is Lv. 25, have him use Stone; if not, do some healing with him. Terra should pretty much Attack as well. If someone has Fira, Firaga, Thundara, or Thundaga, have them use that until Ultros turns red, then revert to the above strategy.

This guy is very weak to Trance then Fira. Any fire attacks help tremendously.

After taking away about 10,000 HP, Relm will come in and a cutscene will be watched; basically, Relm joined the party. Use Sketch with her to end this fight.

After the fight, have Relm re-equipped with better stuff, then go east, along the path, and through the door. Use the Save Point here and go downstairs. Here, you’ll find three floor panels. Use the eastern one and go east, out through the door, and open the chest for an X-Potion . Backtrack and hop off the broken bridge, then go to the southeast corner. Go along the path back to the three panels. Use the northern one this time. Upon landing, go north and out of the cave to find the Chocobo Suit .

Go back in and use the southern panel, then exit the cave to find the Tabby Suit . Re-enter the cavern and jump down to the bridge section southeast of you. Go along the path to the panels. Use the southern one, then go east, along the bridge, and outside. There, go along the path west into the cave. Follow the path to watch a scene.

There are three holes in the ground all leading to treasure. Go down them if you wish to grab it.

Apparently, you’ve just found where the Espers are gathering; in this mountain. And they are not very happy. They’ll stop Strago and Relm from leaving, then slowly surround Terra. After the scene, back to Thamasa…

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