Let’s begin with shopping. Nothing much from the item shop; just have a stock of two Gold Needles and five or more Antidotes. Weapon-wise, get a Great Sword (Terra) and a Mythril Sword (Locke). And, if you did not do so earlier … get the Noiseblaster and Bioblaster. As for your armor, get two Heavy Shields, three Plumed Hats, a Cotton Robe, and a Kenpo Gi, which should cover everyone. And the Relics… Honestly, that is more of your opinion. I, personally, would like to get all of them, just in case I felt like changing them.

Next, head into the Pub. No, we’re not shopping, but we are going to meet a future party member. Speak with the dark-clothed man on the east side of the Pub to meet Shadow , an assassin, who’ll kill anyone for the right price. Lovely. Well, we now want to do some treasure hunting, right? Examine the barrel between the weapon and armor shops to find a Potion . Go north of the southern entrance to find some Eye Drops in a box; go north of there for an Antidote in a barrel.

Go to the Relic Shop and buy the ones you want. It's good to have a broad range of equipment available. There are also items littered around the town to collect.

Head to the Chocobo stable to find a barrel nearby; examine it for a Potion . Examine a box north of there for a Green Cherry then turn around and examine the southwestern box to find a Gold Needle . Get onto the town wall and, close to the Chocobo stable, are some barrels. Examine one for a Teleport Store . Now, go into the house of the old servant of the rich guy in town. You’ll find a Potion there. Now, enter the large northern house through its western entrance and exit on the east side. Examine a barrel here for a Phoenix Down . Go around the corner of the house to a hidden room and examine the clock to find an Elixir ! Now, go back to the main part of the house and upstairs. In one room, you’ll find a man writing a letter. Behind the bookcase there is a secret stairwell, leading to another. Use the stairs and go to the far east side of the area. Once you smack into the wall, go south as far as possible, then east to find a hidden room. Open these chests for some helpful items: the Hyper Wrist (a Strength booster) and the Hermes Sandals (unremovable Haste).

Go north to find a room with three doors. Go through the third door to find four chests that, altogether, contain 3,000 Gil. Go through the second to find a Save Point, which is probably useless as it is right now. After all, no battles here to induce Game Overs, and you can save everywhere in the overworld. Hm.

Head to the big house in the north and up the stairs. The girl gives you a hint of the hidden passage which can be found by heading down from the bookcase on the left.

Not much else to say. Unless you’re REALLY low on HP, I recommend not using the Inn here. We’re soon to have a free “Inn” anyways. Return to the overworld when you’re done. Our next destination is found almost due north of here, at Duncan’s Cabin.


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