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So now, we have our “wings” back and Kefka’s Tower is open. The time has come for this evil being to meet his end. But, then again, you are vastly underprepared. These next two sections may just be supplementary, but you will desperately thank me when the time comes, for, without some more friends, you’ll probably end up stuck fighting Kefka with two or three characters, and after three-tier boss chain. No Ultima Weapon will save you from that.

So, time to find our friends. You can find them in any order you wish but the following sections are the suggested order.

We’ll begin by heading to the town of Maranda.


Good stuff here to buy. The Falchion is a great sword for you to have on you for the rest of the game, bested only by a few others that are rare and one-of-a-kind. The Crystal equipment is a must; no discussion, grind in the overworld for what you need for your party.

On the east side of town, go into the house to find Lola. If you remember, she had a paralyzed boyfriend in Mobliz that you had to do various tasks for to obtain a Tintinnabulum. She claims to be still receiving letters from him, too. But wasn’t Mobliz utterly destroyed by the hand of Kefka? Something’s amiss.

Well, rest in the Inn and talk to the pigeon before returning to the overworld. Fly to Zozo by following the bird – head northwest.

Talk to the girl in this house to learn more about the flowers and Cyan’s whereabouts. Speak to the carrier pigeon outside to have it fly off to Zozo.


When you arrive, “speak” with the carrier pigeon and watch where it flies – to Mt. Zozo. Great. Head towards the Inn in the area and speak with the guy nearby to be able to buy some Rust-Rid for 1,000 Gil.

Buy it, then head into the Pub. Head upstairs, then through the east exit at the top. Outside, continue to the top and use the Rust-Rid to go through the western door, then go north to the mountain.

Buy the Rust Rid for 1000 Gil from this man. Then head to the top of the Pub and open the door to gain access to the mountain.

Mt Zozo

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Devil Fist 1759 68 10 125 2000 797
Glasya Labolas 4771 590 23 150 2500 2953
Luridan 2079 122 12 210 1000 707
Mugbear 2409 74 15 165 2000 882
Punisher 2191 136 28 100 3000 1242

Once you enter, go northwest and west to find a chest; open it for an Ice Shield . Go downstairs and southeast to find a Red Cap . Next, go south and along the linear path. You’ll be able to open a chest on the way, in the light, which contains a Thunder Shield .

Head upstairs and north through the doorway. Open the chest as you continue to find an Aegis Shield . Northwest of there should be a doorway; use it to find the Gold Hairpin . Go back through it, then northeast to find a path heading outside.

Once outside, go west and into the mountain again. Inside, go west and look for a small floor switch. Using a small path to the west (ignore the cracks and just walk over them), you can head to a light, in which there is a Save Point. USE IT and step on the switch to trigger the release of the next boss.

There are some good shields in here, many of which are useful when fighting elemental monsters later (namely the dragons).

Storm Dragon

The Storm Dragon can use a basic attack, Wing Sabre (three times as powerful), Wind Slash, Leaf Swirl , Aero, and Cyclonic (takes away almost all of your HP).

It’s a good idea to start this battle by using Golem, Zona Seeker, and Fenrir for self-protection. If you have a fourth character, use Ramuh. Focus your party, for the first bits of the battle, on having someone heal with party-wide Cura, while someone else focuses on using Osmose or Rasp to lower the Storm Dragon’s 1,250 MP.

A fourth character can provide some party boosters – Protect and Haste, namely. After his MP is gone, focus someone (probably your Osmose person) on using party-wide Cura and other help, while everyone else focuses on using Thundara. If you have Edgar, using his Flash Tool to inflict Darkness will help greatly.

You can actually leave this guy till after Cyan rejoins and solo him. Equip wind-proof relics and then unleash with various Bushido abilities.

After the battle, re-use the Save Point and go along the path south, downstairs, and continue along to the path outside. Follow the path east to go inside. Here, you’ll find plenty of flowers, a note, and a locked chest.

Exit the room to the right. Outside, Cyan will be found. Now, go back to the cliff from before. Look around for the SHINY SHINY SHINY – smack shut it, Gau – and examine it to find a key. Return to Cyan’s room and use it on the chest to find some of his books:

“Machinery for Dunces” “A Pictorial Guide to Machines” “Everything About Machines” “Machines for the Mechanically Disinclined” … “Bushido in the Bedroom” !? Cyan never ceases to amaze me.

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