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Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Goetia 499 40 20 120 235 145
Stunner 299 20 13 110 156 108

Here, speak with the Impresario to watch a scene. Your party fails to notice that Ultros is nearby. How the **** can a squid live out of water? Anywho, all biological paradoxes aside…

You’ll gain control of Locke after watching a scene of the opera. Once you do, go southeast to the lobby, then go to the east side to find Celes in the dressing room (already dressed, I’m afraid). Speak with her to gain control of her.

Examine the scene if you want. Anyways, walk north and onto the stage. You’ll have to fill in lines of the play. Select the top option, then the bottom one and then top again. You only get a tiny window to select so be quick about it.

Head through the southeast door and to the dressing room to speak with Celes. During the scene, you only get a few seconds to select a line. Choose the top, then the bottom and then top again.

“O my hero, my beloved, Shall we still be made to part, Though promises of perennial love Yet sing here in my heart?

I’m the darkness, you’re the starlight Shining brightly from afar. Through hours of despair, I offer this prayer To you, my evening star.

Must my final vows exchanged Be with him and not with you? Were you only here to quiet my fear… O speak! Guide me anew.“

How poetic. After finishing that, you’ll need to dance with Draco; don’t worry, it’s not near so complicated as in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (my initial “fear”).

After the dance, you’ll notice a bunch of flowers. Pick them up and head to the highest balcony as fast as you can. Now, you’ll get control of Locke. Head through the dressing room and pick up the letter on the ground; apparently, he’s going to drop a four-ton block on Celes, and never mind how he got it up in the rafters (or it that small). Return to the Impresario and tell him. You have five minutes starting … now.

Head to this balcony as fast as possible with the flowers. Afterwards, equip Sprint Shoes and head to stop Ultros. Try and avoid the little creatures on the beams or you will fight a battle.

Having Sprint Shoes will help for this part. Go to the northeast corner of the area and into the room here. Flip the easternmost switch here, return to the previous area, and go to the northwestern area. Go there and past the door to find the rafters. Don’t move too far in one way to fall. Well, I guess there’s glass walls or something, for you CAN’T fall. Aww…

But there are some Goetias and Stunners up here, so try to avoid battles. You probably won’t be able to avoid them, and that’s okay – I had three battles and reached Ultros with five seconds to spare. Try using magic, Espers, or Cyan’s #1 Bushido.

Still having trouble understanding how an octopus got in here, but whatever. When you speak to Ultros, the timer disappears and a battle begins.


Ultros can use a basic attack, Tentacle (a powerful attack that can hit one person or everyone), Acid Rain (damage with Sap), Ink (damage with Darkness), Lv. 3 Confuse (confusion on characters whose levels are multiples of three), Imp Song (causes Imp), Fire, Drain, and Megavolt.

Acid Rain is used as a counter for Blitzes and Bushidos, just so you know. This battle is one of those cool occasional cases where you start with a pincer attack. As such, physical attacks dealt to the boss’s backside will do double damage. If Cyan is ever facing the back, give him a chance to use his #4 Bushido, the four-hit Flurry, on him.

Then again, with Edgar’s Chainsaw and Sabin’s Blitzes on your side, you’ll probably be more concerned with just getting damage down. So, for the majority of the battle, you’ll want to use Cyan’s #1 or #4 Bushidos (Fang and Flurry), Sabin’s Blitzes (such as Rising Phoenix), Edgar’s Chainsaw, and Locke’s Attack. Whenever needed, be ready to cure a status(es) or heal someone with a Hi-Potion or Cure, if you’re using Kirin as your Esper.

Ultros is stronger this time and Tentacle can hit for a fair amount of damage. However, Chainsaw, Cyan’s Bushido or Sabin’s Blitzes will wreck him in minimal turns.

Note that these will override any of these except the curing/healing: using Ramuh, Thundara, Slow (only once, though), and Thunder (with Locke). Also note that, every two or so turns for him, Ultros will move to another spot on the battlefield (much like the Sandworm boss of Final Fantasy V). However, each of these four spots are separate Ultros monsters, each with 2,550 HP. So, the faster you kill him, the better. This is also the reason for the 2,550+ HP above, for you can deal AT LEAST 2,550 damage.

After the battle, the plan to squish Celes with a four-ton block is stopped.

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