Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Briareus 750 100 17 110 458 465
Chimera 2237 100 25 100 760 1144
Devourer 420 100 10 100 280 214

In the area surrounding Thamasa, you’ll find the above monsters. Briareus is restricted to grasslands, whereas the Chimera is stuck in the forest. From these aforementioned two, you are able to steal the Gaia Gear from the Briareus, whereas you can steal the Golden Armor from the Chimera.

I seriously consider getting enough of both to really help out your chosen team. Now, head over to the Veldt to your west, and into the forest to the west for THIS bestiary…

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Bomb 160 50 10 90 80 35
Grenade 3000 500 13 0 500 190

We’ll mostly be here for the rare encounter of the Grenade. The Grenade will only appear about 6% of the time here, so you’ll enjoy fighting around…or not.

You will possibly fight a Grenade in the future whether you want to or not. Due to the “possibly”, I suggest defeating it and getting the Rage here.

One more. Go to the island in the northeastern corner of the map for this one:

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Darkwind 34 0 13 55 41 28
Intangir 32000 16000 25 150 0 0
Leaf Bunny 33 0 13 60 45 24

We’re mostly here to fight the Intangir. You’ll encounter it about half of the time, wherever you are. Taking note of the above bestiary, defeating this thing is going to be hard.Somewhat.

I suggest simply using Stop each turn with someone, then have Edgar use the Drill, Cyan use Fang, and Sabin use his Meteor Strike Blitz. However, you want the Rage you can get with the Intangir. Silence it while it is Stopped, then let Gau Leap onto him and come back later. He’ll learn Transfusion.

If anything (i.e. don’t use Gau), just get for completionism. This thing is hard enough to stop as it is at any point, given that it absorbs every element and is invisible when you first fight it. To hit it you need to wait till it appears. It is very powerful so you may not be able to defeat it yet.


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