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Local Enemy Recap

  • Bandit
  • Megalodoth
  • Silver Lobo
  • Spritzer
  • Wererat
    Once inside, head along the linear path for a while. Eventually, you’ll reach a Save Point. Use it and go north to find some stairs to a higher ledge. Go up there and, from the chest, take the Phoenix Down .

Go downstairs now and follow the path west to another chest, this one containing a Sleeping Bag . Continue along the linear path to a cutscene where Terra is cornered by the guards and falls below, likely injured. We then learn some of her backstory, and get to meet Locke in a separate scene that eventually leads him to Terra.

We will now learn about Group Battles after Locke and some Moogles arrive. Basically, you’ll get to control three parties and swap between them. Pretty simple, actually; just follow the on-screen commands.

Pick up these items as you go through the mines.

The main purpose of this group battle is to defeat the Guard Leader before his cronies reach Terra (also known as a Game Over). I’d first prefer to go around the room with Locke’s party to kill all of the minor enemies (for the EXP. that only he will get to use) except for one.

That one is not the Guard Leader, though. No, we need to let Mog’s team take that one out so Mog will learn the Twilight Requiem Dance . This will be a critical component of the following battle. I also suggest you take away Mog’s equipment for your own use. After you defeat all of the minor enemies, go south with Mog’s team to fight the Guard Leader.

Guard Leader and Silver Lobo x 2

The Guard Leader can use a basic physical attack (which has 200+% more power than most of the other enemies here), Charge (which deals about double the damage of the basic physical), and Net (which can Stop party members).

The basic idea was this. Before starting this battle, have Mog participate in one battle to learn the Twilight Requiem Dance, which is able to deal severe damage in this battle (and any other). For example, one attack is an instant-KO (which WILL affect the Guard Leader), another takes away 75% of the target’s current HP. Hint hint.

Take Mog’s items off him before you engage the Guard Leader. When you are fighting him, watch out for Charge which does a lot of damage to one character.

Since there ARE three other members of Mog’s party, just have them remove the Silver Lobos at first, then help with the Guard Leader.

After the battle and the scene, you’ll be back in Narshe.

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