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Trophy and Achievement Roadmap - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

The Yakuza/Like A Dragon series of games is known for having some challenging and grindy trophies/achievements. They usually entail doing a bunch of the minigames or specifically doing something that involves a lot of grinding. Being a shorter game than the others, Like A Dragon Gaiden will still involve some bit of grindy work, but it’s not as bad as the others. It should be noted that nothing in Like A Dragon is missable and there are no difficulty trophies/achievements, so you can do everything on the easiest setting if you wish.

Step 1 - Play the Story

Since nothing is missable in this game, you can simply play through the main story without having to worry about anything. However, it’s a good idea to do the Stroll n’ Patrol missions, as well as the Requests, since those will help you get more Akame Points and money (there are also trophies/achievements related to doing a certain number of these). You can then, in turn, purchase more abilities with these points and money. As you grind up the Akame Points, you will undoubtedly reach a high enough level to unlock all of the bonding events with Akame. You need to do 50 Stroll n’ Patrol missions, as well as 15 Requests.

The Akame Network stuff helps build some money, as well as recruits for the Coliseum.

Both are a great source of Akame Points and money, especially earlier in the game, when you might not have access to the Coliseum’s better battles. Speaking of the Coliseum, you can get some new recruits for the Joryu Clan by doing some of the Requests. Note that while there might not be any rewards listed for leveling up the Network, you do get money whenever you visit Akame for leveling it up.

Step 2 - Work on Coliseum

After finishing the story, you can start working on the Coliseum stuff. Start by recruiting new members for your clan, then work on going through each of the various ranks, starting with Bronze. Upon finishing Bronze, you will then have Silver, Gold, and Platinum matches to do. This will likely involve a lot of work and grinding, especially for the Hell Team Rumble matches. You will unlock items you can purchase to give to your allies, essentially leveling them up and increasing their stats. Just worry about finishing all of the normal matches here, as you will tackle the endgame portion of the Coliseum a little later.

Start doing some of the Coliseum battles to progress through them.

One good way to increase levels and bonds is finding a Hell Team Rumble that allows 10 participants that you can easily finish, then keep doing that one over and over. The first Gold Rank one is great when you first unlock that Rank, which is also a great way to earn a little bit of extra money. Once you feel like your characters are strong enough, you can slowly start doing the other ones. Note that your clan members have limitations for the other types of matches, while Kiryu does not, so it’s best to just use him for those. When you have enough money, purchase the best EXP/Bond items in the Fighter’s Lounge, then use those on your characters.

Step 3 - Miscellaneous Trophies/Achievements

You can now work on all of the non-Akame and Coliseum-related trophies/achievements here. This includes using all of the gadgets during battle a specific number of times, as well as other combat trophies/achievements. If you haven’t learned 50 abilities through the upgrade menu, you can also do that now. From there, it’s time to move on to the other minigames. The game wants you to do 10 minigames in total, but you have to play five different Master System games, as well as six different ones at the arcade.

You will also have to do a lot of visiting the two cabaret clubs, in addition to the Pocket Circuit, with one of the two related to that just unlocking the Masters Circuit. Another thing you will need to do is find 30 of the Locker Keys, as you have to open that many coin lockers (there are a total of 50 Locker Keys)=. There’s definitely a lot to do in this section, provided you didn’t do all of it in prior steps.

(1 of 2) There's a lot of miscellaneous stuff to do, like finding Locker Keys.

There's a lot of miscellaneous stuff to do, like finding Locker Keys. (left), You can also work on the battle related stuff during the third step. (right)

Step 4 - Defeat Amon

This is put as the final step, as Amon will be the toughest challenge for you in the game. To unlock him, you will basically need to do everything the Coliseum has to offer, including the Four Kings. Unlike the other battles, which can be done from the menu (with the exception of the special ones), you’ll have to speak to the Four Kings to fight them. Defeating all four of them will give you a new Request, then you will gain access to some more Coliseum battles. Note that the third king battle is quite challenging, simply because you will likely run out of time often. Feel free to level up your clan, as well as Kiryu, for this battle.

Once you’ve done everything, you are free to challenge Amon. Make sure you have all of the best equipment and as many skills as possible, especially the Health and Attack ones. Amon has never really been an easy fight in any of the other games, so don’t expect him to be a simple one here, either. Don’t forget that you can set the difficulty to the easiest setting if you are having a lot of trouble.


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