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Like a Dragon Gaiden

Best Cabaret Answers for Ai - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the minigames in Like A Dragon Gaiden involves going to some Cabaret Clubs and spending time with the Hostesses. Every time you spend time with one, you will be charged ¥10,000, in addition to whatever money you will spend on a gift and drinks. Ai is one of the hostesses found at the Cabaret in the Castle. This page will contain all of the answers that give the best affection for Ai.

Ai is one of the hostesses found at the Cabaret club in the Castle.

There is no reason to try and fill out all of the answers for the Hostess minigame, as the main goal is to simply get the bar filled past the line. Once you do that, you will then be asked a question and if answered correctly, one of the three empty hearts underneath the affection meter will be filled. This will then put you to the next level, where you will do the same thing. Upon reaching Romance Level 2 and filling the bar, the final question that fills the third heart will trigger a special cutscene with that Hostess.

One of the first things any Hostess will do is ask you which drink you’d like to order. This will cost more money than the initial visiting fee and if you choose the correct drink, then you can start by getting a lot more affection than normal. Of course, Water costs nothing, but it won’t do anything at all to the affection meter. Ai will really like it if you order any of the following drinks:

  • Red Bull Cocktail
  • Whisky
  • Gold Champagne
  • Rose Champagne
  • Black Champagne

Ai’s Romance Level 0 Topics and Answers

When you first start visiting her, choose Nice to meet you to get the most affection. Note that your bar progress will carry over from one visit to the next, should you not reach the threshold. Once you fill the bar past the line, you will receive another question from Ai. Make sure you choose Sounds good to me to fill the first of the three hearts.

The correct answer to get the first heart filled for Ai.

Topic Best Answer
Phones I’m the same way.
Horror Movies I’m not good with jump scares.
Spicy Food I love intense heat that leaves me sweating.
Moving Overseas If you do, I’ll join you.
Old Age I’m still in my prime!
Alcohol Tolerance I’ll drink in your stead.
Love and Stress Overcoming stress together creates passion.

Ai’s Romance Level 1 Topics and Answers

The first question that is asked of you should be responded with I feel right at home. Once you have reached the affection threshold at the end of a visit, she will ask you another question. Respond to this with Can you be a little more specific? to get the second heart filled and progress to Romance Level 2.

The correct answer to get the second heart filled for Ai.

Topic Best Answer
Cabaret Clubs Yeah. I live it up every night.
Quick Learner? You must have good motor skills.
Growing Up You and I should play together.
Lucky Underwear You can never have too much luck.
Personal Assets They’re pretty obvious.
First Impressions That first meeting decides attraction.
Classical Music I’d like to.

Ai’s Romance Level 2 Topics and Answers

Similar to the previous levels, you will be asked a first question before getting to the actual topics. Answer this first question with Heh, same here.

Topic Best Answer
Romantic Interests Money is important.
An Easy Job? I know how hard you work.
Ideal Marriage Space is important.
Retirement Once you meet the man of your dreams.
A New Interest You didn’t have the awareness before.
The Opposite Sex I go after them.
You’re So Dependable I can take care of all your worries.

The correct answer to get the third heart filled for Ai and trigger her special cutscene.

Romance Level 2 is the final time you will have to try to answer the topics with the best answer, as you want to reach that threshold. Doing that will trigger one final question from Ai, so make sure you answer with You’re everything to me. Doing this will fill the third heart, as well as trigger the special cutscene with Ai.

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