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All Substories and Requests List - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

Substories are a fixture of the Like A Dragon series, with them essentially being side quests. They are usually found by exploring the map and just haphazardly running into them. However, in Like A Dragon Gaiden, that isn’t the case, as the majority of them are found as part of the Akame Network, under the name of Requests. There are a few of these that aren’t technically part of the network, but they don’t really require you to hunt them down, as they tend to be gotten automatically. This page will provide a brief list of all the Substories and Requests, along with when you unlock them and their rewards.

(1 of 2) The Requests will mostly come from the Akame Network and require you to speak with Akame at her hideout.

The Requests will mostly come from the Akame Network and require you to speak with Akame at her hideout. (left), Requests are marked with a red eye icon. (right)

Request Unlock Reward
Emergency Request! First Request 1,000 Points, ¥100,000
Investigation Request Default 3,000 Points, ¥300,000
Film Assistant Needed Default 3,000 Points, ¥300,000
Vanquish the Red Peacocks Default 3,000 Points, ¥300,000
A Simple Heavy-Lifting Job Silver Rank 8,000 Points, ¥500,000
Ghost of Sotenbori Silver Rank 8,000 Points, ¥500,000
Seeking Advice Silver Rank 8,000 Points, ¥500,000
Recruit Homeless Yamanaka Silver Rank 4,000 Points, Homeless Yamaoka (Recruit)
The Strongest Convenience Store Clerk Silver Rank 4,000 Points, Ryusei Tobashira (Recruit)
Liberate the Hammer Man Silver Rank 4,000 Points, Yuji Nunokawa (Recruit)
The Golden Samurai Silver Rank 8,000 Points, ¥500,000
Final Showdown: Red Peacocks Silver Rank, Complete Vanquish the Red Peacocks 3,000 Points, ¥300,000, Akira Guren (Recruit)
Save the Pro Wrestler Silver Rank, Complete The Strongest Convenience Store Clerk 4,000 Points, Excellent Sujiya (Recruit)
The Cat-Lovin’ Rapper Silver Rank, Complete Recruit Homeless Yamanaka 4,000 Points, KATSUWO (Recruit)
The Struggling Host Silver Rank, Complete Liberate the Hammer Man 4,000 Points, Renji (Recruit)
Vanquish the White Knights Silver Rank, Complete Final Showdown: Red Peacocks 8,000 Points, ¥500,000
Final Showdown: White Knights Silver Rank, Complete Vanquish the White Knights 8,000 Points, ¥500,000, Koji Shiranita (Recruit)
Gotta Catch ’Em Balls! Gold Rank 15,000 Points, ¥1,000,000
End the Destruction Gold Rank 15,000 Points, ¥1,000,000, Masaharu Kaito (Recruit), Toru Higashi (Recruit)
Vanquish the Black Swallowtails Gold Rank, Complete Final Showdown: White Knights 15,000 Points, ¥1,000,000
Final Showdown: Black Swallowtails Gold Rank, Complete Vanquish the Black Swallowtails 15,000 Points, ¥1,000,000, Keita Kuroyanagi (Recruit)
The Golden Scourge Gold Rank, Complete The Golden Samurai 15,000 Points, ¥1,000,000
Golden Gauntlet Throwdown Platinum Rank, Complete The Golden Scourge 30,000 Points, ¥2,000,000
Operation Family Welfare Complete the Four Kings Coliseum story 30,000 Points, ¥2,000,000

There are other Substories that the game keeps track of, but the majority of these will be gained automatically at some point. For example, you unlock one with Akame upon reaching Gold Rank, which is just you spending some time with her at Stijl Bar. You can finish this by simply leveling up the Network to 19, with that Substory culminating with a battle.

Four Kings Coliseum Story

During Chapter 4 of the main story, as you’re leaving the Castle area, you will run into the Four Kings of the Coliseum. This will trigger a battle with one of them, after which, you will be able to start fighting them in the Coliseum. There are four separate Substories here, one for each of the kings. After defeating Ugajin, you will unlock the Operation Family Welfare, which is part of Akame’s Network set of Requests.

(1 of 3) You will basically speak to Brody here to continue fighting the Four Kings.

Do that and you’ll unlock one of the final two Coliseum battles, after which, the final one will be offered to you (when you’ve done every other one). When you have reached this point, you will have the Path to the Strongest Substory, pitting you against the strongest enemy in the game, Amon. This is the toughest battle in the game by far, so make sure you’re fully prepared before taking it on. Of course, this means maxing out your stats and having a lot of healing items in your inventory (the battle is a normal one).


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