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All Quizzy Quester Quiz Answers - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a lot of side quests in Like A Dragon Gaiden, partly because of the Stroll n’ Patrol feature. This is part of the Akame Network that you unlock early in the game, with them basically being similar to fetch quests. Most of them usually involve bringing back a specific item, fighting some enemies, or even taking photographs of certain things on the map. There is one set of quests that picks your brain about the knowledge of the area, as it’s a quiz. This page will list all of the answers for the Challenge to the Informant quests.

The Quizzy Quester is ready to test your knowledge of Sotenbori!

Where to Find the Challenge to the Informant Requests

You will be able to start these requests in Chapter 2, although if you don’t see them then, then progress the main story a little bit until you do. On the western side of the map, right by the W Shofukucho taxi stop, there is a restaurant called Wild Jackson Sotenbori. Just north of the restaurant will be the coin lockers that require you to find Locker Keys. Right in between the restaurant and the coin lockers will be a set of stairs that you can climb.

Do that and at the top, you will see there’s a door you can open. This leads to a small room that will have a man sitting at a desk. This is the Quizzy Quester and speaking to him will start the first Challenge to the Informant request. Note that you are allowed to get the question wrong, should you choose the incorrect answer. This will remove that answer from subsequent tries, as well as forfeit the bonus of ¥10,000 for answering correctly on the first try.

(1 of 2) Go up these stairs right next to the Coin Lockers to find the Quizzy Quester.

Go up these stairs right next to the Coin Lockers to find the Quizzy Quester. (left), Guessing correctly on the first try will net you some money. (right)

Request Answer
Challenge to the Informant 1 Hiratai
Challenge to the Informant 2 A triangle
Challenge to the Informant 3 A helmet
Challenge to the Informant 4 Plum
Challenge to the Informant 5 Black Champagne
Challenge to the Informant 6 Momoko

After completing a request, leave the building and head south, then east down the Shofukucho area a little bit. If you see the exclamation point appear again where the Quizzy Quester is located, head back and do the next one. If you don’t, then you may need to progress the main story a little bit more. There are a total of six requests from him and you should be able to do all of them by the time you’re in Chapter 3 of the main story.


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