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Like a Dragon Gaiden

All Locker Key Locations and Rewards in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

Previous games in the series have had Locker Keys hidden throughout the game’s world, and Like A Dragon Gaiden also has them. These keys are shown on the ground with a rainbow-like sparkle, and they are usually located in the deepest of corners and inside buildings. Since you have use of the Spider gadget outside of combat, some of the keys are actually in higher spots and will require the Spider gadget to get them. This page will focus on listing the locations of all 50 Locker Keys in the game, as well as what rewards you get for each one.

(1 of 3) Buy some Contact Lenses from Mizorogi’s place, once you gain access to it.

Note that while you can start searching for the keys as soon as you have access to Sotenbori, it’s best to progress the main story until you get to Mizorogi’s Workshop. That’s because he sells an accessory called the Contact Lenses, for a measly ¥14,000. When you have this equipped, all of the Locker Keys will be placed on your in-game map, making them much easier to find. Of course, you won’t be able to get all 50 keys right away, as some are locked behind areas blocked by story progression.

Locker Key Location Reward
A1 In bushes just outside patisserie by Akame’s Hideout Staminan Spark
A2 Inside the Poppo store on E Sotenbori St; On ground in back Bulletproof Vest
A3 On ground, next to Boss vending machine on E Sotenbori St Tauriner Maximum
A4 Castle map; On rail on southern side of Helipad (requires Spider) Trinity Circle Earrings
A5 In bushes in front of Club Sun Shine, in West Shofukucho Staminan Spark
B1 Inside the bathroom at Ashitaba Park Staminan Royale
B2 Underneath car parked in the little garage by East Bunzaemon Outdoor Mall taxi Pure White Briefs
B3 Inside Club Sega, on Sotenbori St; On ground by counter Green Gem Bracelet
B4 In sign with the bell on southern side of Iwao Bridge Tauriner Maximum
B5 Castle map; On railing just outside of Gambling Hall Fearless Binding
C1 Found behind the turtle pillars in Shofukucho; Southeast of Wild Jackson restaurant Gold Plate
C2 Castle map; Along northern path right outside of Coliseum; Being held by a waitress in between the seats (requires Spider) Tauriner Maximum
C3 Castle map; Inside the Castle Cabaret building, on one of the chairs Blesswood Armor Replica
C4 Castle map; Gambling Hall Platinum Area, on a railing towards the northwest corner Payback Ring
C5 Castle map; On top of small rickshaw sign on western side Sengoku Armor
D1 Behind a pillar in front of Grand Cabaret Club on W Sotenbori St Charismatic Photo
D2 Inside building across from Club Heavenly; On floor by table Contact Lenses
D3 On top of the Sesil Coffee sign in the Bunzaemon Outdoor Mall area (requires Spider) Gold Plate
D4 Castle map; In the Fighters’ Lounge area, on top of the large screen on the eastern side (requires Spider) Blue Bolt (Pocket Circuit color)
D5 Castle map; On a crate in the corner, by the Boutique (requires Spider) Genbu Bracelet
E1 Between coin lockers and Wild Jackson restaurant; On ground between scooter and wall Body Armor
E2 Inside Shofukucho Commerce Building B1F; Tunnel by Bar New Momoko in West Shofukucho; On the ground in middle of tunnel Platinum Plate
E3 On top of the lucky cat sign across from Club Heavenly (requires Spider) Gold Plate
E4 Castle map; In northwestern corner of Castle Central Street, on some pipes (requires Spider) ZONe
E5 Castle map; Inside the Gambling Hall, in the southwestern corner, behind the folding screen Super Slick Tires
F1 Inside the Daidoji Hideout (unlocks Ch. 3); On top floor Alien Syndrome Master System ROM
F2 Inside the Stijl Bar; Western side of Sotenbori St Platinum Plate
F3 Castle map; Inside the Gambling Hall, in the northeastern corner (requires Spider) Gold Plate
F4 In between the Yotsudera Kaikan building and the one just east of it (requires Spider); small gap in between the buildings Fantasy Zone II Master System ROM
F5 Castle map; Casino Platinum Area, in the corner on the western side Gold Darts
G1 Just up some marble stairs north of the Outdoor Shogi Bloody Binding
G2 On fish balloon just outside the Zuboraya restaurant, on Sotenbori St (requires Spider) Bulletproof Vest
G3 Castle map; In the VIP Lounge (requires Gold Rank), in the water behind the clan recruiter Thunder Darts
G4 Castle map; In one of the planters right outside of the Boutique Platinum Plate
G5 Castle map; In the back room of the Boutique (requires Gold Rank) Luxury Timepiece
H1 Inside area just north of Wild Jackson restaurant; Go upstairs and in the corner, before room, you can enter Staminan Royale
H2 Inside the Riichi Tower Mahjong building in West Shofukucho; Under a table in the corner Gold Plate
H3 On top of overhang north of Kukuru food stall on E Sotorbori St (requires Spider) Platinum Plate
H4 Castle map; On the nose of the large crown statue on the northern side of the main area (requires Spider) Toughness Infinity
H5 On the roof of the Yotsudera Kaikan building (Gambling Hall building); Behind the one table High Torque Motor Mark II (Pocket Circuit)
I1 Inside CourStar (unlocks in Ch. 2); On a counter by the bathrooms on the western side Staminan Royale
I2 On octopus’ tentacle in front of unnamed takoyaki shop on Sotenbori St (requires Spider) Suzaku Bracelet
I3 On top of some duct work just south of Yotsudera Kaikan building (requires Spider) Gold Plate
I4 On top of a dead tree on W Sotenbori Footpath (requires Spider) Enduro Racer ROM (Master System)
I5 Castle map; In the Fighters’ Lounge area, on top of the trash can on the northern side Killer Bee (Pocket Circuit car)
J1 Inside the Kiss Shot Billiards and Bar; In the corner, on a little shelf Blesswood Armor Replica
J2 On top of the western set of Chinese lanterns on Bishamon Bridge (requires Spider) Toughness Infinity
J3 Castle map; Inside the Boutique (unlocks in Ch. 2), on a shelf Platinum Plate
J4 Castle map; In the VIP Lounge, on top of the speaker in the southeast corner (requires Spider) Royal Joker Card
J5 Castle map; In the Coliseum Lobby area, on the floor in the southeast corner Staminan Spark
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