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Like a Dragon Gaiden

All Gold Ball Locations - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

The Akame Network is the new way to get various side quests in Like A Dragon Gaiden, ranging from small, short quests to the longer ones, called Requests. At some point during Chapter 3, you will unlock a new Request called Gotta Catch’em Balls!, which will have you hunting down seven golden balls scattered throughout Sotenbori. This Request is a direct reference to the Dragon Ball anime/manga, where the characters collected the seven balls to make a wish. You won’t be able to complete this Request until Chapter 4, though, as one of the Gold Balls can only be obtained then. You will need to collect at least one of these for the Gotta Catch Some Balls! trophy/achievement.

Gold Ball 1 Location

(1 of 2) Invest in the shop upgrades at Akame’s place.

Invest in the shop upgrades at Akame’s place. (left), The Gold Ball is relatively cheap to get from her shop. (right)

You will be able to purchase this off of the Akame Shop. If it doesn’t appear from the shop’s first opening, then you will need to invest in the shop until it does. Remember that you will need to increase the level of the Akame Network to unlock more investment options, and then you need to invest the money. The Golden Ball will only set you back 777 Akame Points, so it’s not particularly expensive.

Gold Ball 2 Location

(1 of 2) You can find the Ebisu Pawn Shop here on the map.

You can find the Ebisu Pawn Shop here on the map. (left), The Gold Ball will set you back 77,777 yen. (right)

You can purchase another Golden Ball from the Ebisu Pawnshop. You can find the Ebisu Pawnshop just north of Ashitaba Park, the place with all of the homeless. It’ll be on the street just north of it, called E. Shofukucho and will be a blue shop. Once you go inside, approach the counter to look at the wares and you will see the Gold Ball being on sale for ¥77,777.

Gold Ball 3 Location

(1 of 2) Take this elevator to enter the Kiss Shot Billards and Bar.

Take this elevator to enter the Kiss Shot Billards and Bar. (left), Play the pool minigame to earn enough points to get the Gold Ball. (right)

This Gold Ball can be gotten from the Kiss Shot Billiards and Bar, which is located in the southwestern corner of the main map. Like a lot of the places centered around minigames, there is a point system here that you can exchange for prizes. As you guessed it, one of the prizes is a Gold Ball. It should be noted that there’s a trophy/achievement tied to this place, which is to complete the Normal difficulty of the 1-Shot Challenge. If you do this, then you will have the 777 points needed to purchase the Gold Ball from the prize list.

Gold Ball 4 Location

Along the river that runs through the northern half of Sotenbori, there are some boats that pass. These boats only seem to be running during the daytime hours and they can be highly annoying. If you go to the Iwao Bridge (the eastern one), you should see an NPC standing on the western side, who mentions something about someone standing on the front of the boat. Specifically, he only seems to appear on the boat that is coming in from the west (driving to the east).

(1 of 3) This NPC will mention the NPC standing on the front of the boat.

This may take a while, especially since that specific boat doesn’t seem to appear all too often. So, if only the other boat is appearing, try and do something else that’s in the same area, while you keep an eye out to the west. Once you see the boat is coming, then go to where that one NPC is located and wait until you get the prompt to grab with your Spider gadget.

Gold Ball 5 Location

(1 of 2) Look left of the Casino to see some people partying it up.

Look left of the Casino to see some people partying it up. (left), One of the NPCs here will eventually come around and have the Gold Ball on him. (right)

The next two are found in the Castle area, which you gain access to during Chapter 2. On the northern side of the Castle Central Street (the main area), there is the Casino. While facing the entrance to the Casino, you can look to the left to see a bunch of people partying and dancing. One of these people seems to be moving along a conveyor of some kind and he’ll be holding the Gold Ball. So, you just need to sit there and wait until you see the “Grab” prompt appear on your screen, which is your cue to use the Spider gadget to snatch it.

Gold Ball 6 Location

(1 of 2) After achieving Silver Rank, go up the stairs and find this NPC talking about the statue.

After achieving Silver Rank, go up the stairs and find this NPC talking about the statue. (left), Look up and you can get the Gold Ball with your Spider gadget. (right)

For the other one located in the Castle area, you will need to get to Silver Rank first. Once you do this, you will have access to a staircase by the elevators that lead to the Coliseum Lobby. This staircase will take you to the Fighters’ Lounge, but about halfway up, there is a female NPC that mentions something shining in the large statue’s crotch area. While standing on the stairs, look up and you will see something shining there. It may take a little bit of maneuvering, but whenever you see the “Grab” prompt appear, use your Spider gadget to get the Gold Ball.

Gold Ball 7 Location

The final ball on the list will require you to reach Chapter 4 first. When you have, head to the northern walkway by the river and look for an NPC sitting on a bench. He will give you a Stroll n’ Patrol quest called Solve the Mysterious Note. It will contain a riddle that mentions four turtles that form the pillars of the city. This is alluding to a building that has some pillars in the front, with turtles on the bottom of those pillars.

That building is located in the Shofukucho section of the city, which is the west-to-east street just south of the Bishamon Bridge. If you’re confused, you can open your map and use the Search function on the bottom to locate it. The turtle pillars will be on the southern side and the riddle mentioned something beyond their gazes. Directly across from the turtles are some buildings and there will be a shiny item sitting on top of one of the awnings, so grab it with your Spider gadget. Don’t forget to go back and finish the quest, too.

(1 of 5) Go here on the map, once you’ve gotten to Chapter 4.

Best Reward for Gotta Catch ’Em Balls Request

Once you have gathered all seven balls, report back to Akame, who will direct you to Shen, the person who gave you the Request. He will be in a little alley on E Sotenbori St. Show him the balls you have gathered and you get to pick your reward, which is as follows:

  • Normal, peaceful life: Nothing (Get to choose one of the others)
  • Endless Riches: ¥1,000,000
  • Eternal Life: Nourishment of the Sea King x100
  • Sexy Panties: A pair of golden panties that can be sold for ¥1,500,000

So, considering you only really have three choices here, which one do you choose? Money is fairly easy to come by in the Coliseum, so both of those options aren’t really appetizing, especially considering you get ¥1,000,000 for just completing the Request. The Nourishment of the Sea King item will restore both Health and Heat, so that’s definitely a good option to choose, as they are rather hard to come by in the game.

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