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The Hidden One's Challenges Walkthrough - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

You will uncover a lot of different little side quests in Like A Dragon Gaiden, called Stroll n’ Patrol missions. These are gotten once you unlock the Akame Network, and are shown on the in-game map with a white exclamation point. Most of these are simple fetch quests, where you need a specific item, or ones where you fight some enemies. However, some of these are a little more involved, like The Hidden One’s Challenges. There is a boy who wants to play hide-and-seek with you, with there being a total of three total. He won’t appear until Chapter 3 and this page will help you find his location for all three of his missions.

(1 of 2) The location where to find the boy for the Hidden One set of missions.

The location where to find the boy for the Hidden One set of missions. (left), He will be right outside of Akame's Hideout, starting in Chapter 3. (right)

The Hidden One’s Challenge Location

The first time you will see the little boy is right outside of Akame’s Hideout, in the bottom right corner of the map. All he says is that he wants you to chase after and find him, with the only hint given in the text of the mission description. Unfortunately, the location isn’t given to you on the map, and considering the size of Sotenbori, it’s quite challenging to actually find him on your own.

  • I’m in a place where the far away can whisper in your ear. But hurry now, before they all disappear.

When you find out the answer to this, it will all make sense, though. The “where the far away can whisper in your ear” sounds like a telephone, since you can have people talking to you from far away. The “before they all disappear” clue should give you a better idea of what to look for since smartphones are the primary means of communicating now. With those two clues, you can guess that the answer is a phone booth, but as mentioned above, the city is quite big.

(1 of 2) You can find the boy at this spot on the map for the first mission.

You can find the boy at this spot on the map for the first mission. (left), He will be standing right next to the telephone booth, in front of the parking lot. (right)

Thankfully, that’s why you’re likely reading this guide. You will want to go to the southwestern corner of the map, where that one parking lot is located. There is a phone booth right in that corner, just outside of the parking lot, and the boy will be standing just next to it. Speak to him to finish the mission, with your reward being 600 Akame Points. Note that he will start the next mission right away, which you can ready below.

The Hidden One’s Revenge Location

The second mission will start right at the end of the first one. This time, your clue will be that he’s in an alley somewhere and that he smells takoyaki. If you haven’t been fully exploring the map, you may not know where to get takoyaki. There is one food stall in the northeastern corner, called Kukuru, that sells takoyaki. That will actually be where you’re going to, so head to that location and look right next to the food stall to find an alleyway.

(1 of 3) The boy for the second mission is in the northeastern corner of the map.

Speak to the boy to finish the mission, netting yourself 700 Akame Points and the third, and final, mission from the boy.

The Hidden One’s Last Stand Location

The final mission from the boy will give you the clue about him hiding in shops now. He also mentions washing your clothes clean, and some snack machines. “Clothes clean” obviously means a laundromat and in this instance, the “snack machines” clue means there are some vending machines in front of the store. Of course, the main problem with a vague clue like this is that Sotenbori is quite huge and there’s plenty of buildings you can enter that don’t offer an actual service.

(1 of 2) The location for the third mission with the hiding boy.

The location for the third mission with the hiding boy. (left), Look inside the laundromat to find him in the corner. (right)

In this particular instance, the laundromat you’re looking for is located right next to Ashitaba Park. That’s the place with all of the homeless, not that far from Akame’s Hideout. The laundromat is on the northern side of the park, right next to the Wanpark Clothier store. Go inside and the boy will be sitting in the corner. Speak to him to finish off the chain of missions, with your reward being 800 Akame Points.


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