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Like a Dragon Gaiden

Best Cabaret Answers for Kokoro - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the minigames in Like A Dragon Gaiden involves going to some Cabaret Clubs and spending time with the Hostesses there. There are two Cabaret clubs in the game, one of which is called Cabaret Club Castle. As the name suggests, you will find this in the Castle area of the game. There are three hostesses there, named Kaname, Kokoro, and Ai. This page will focus on all of the best answers for the hostess named Kokoro.

Kokoro is definitely different, as some of her better answers aren’t what you’d expect.

You don’t need to fill in all of the answers in the Replay option, as simply filling in the empty hearts is enough for it to count in the game. Once you fill in a heart, the next set of topics will be used. Keep doing this over and over, until you finally fill all three of the empty hearts. Once this happens, you will receive a special scene that will complete that hostess.

One of the first things any Hostess will do is ask you which drink you’d like to order. This will cost more money than the initial visiting fee and if you choose the correct drink, then you can start off by getting a lot more affection than normal. Of course, Water costs nothing, but it won’t do anything at all to the affection meter. Kokoro will really like it if you order any of the following drinks:

  • Draft Beer
  • Whisky
  • Shochu
  • Gold Champagne
  • Black Champagne

The correct answer to give to fill up the first heart for Kokoro.

Kokoro’s Romance Level 0 Topics and Answers

After Kokoro introduces herself and hands you a business card, respond with I’m sure I will for the best increase to affection. When you’ve gotten the affection to the threshold, you will get one more question at the end of your visit. Make sure to answer that with It’s still to come to get the first heart with Kokoro.

Topic Best Answer
Kids Kids are great!
Mahjong, Anyone? Heh, wanna try me?
Romantic Interests You like gorilla-like men?
Physique I fight thugs.
Makeup Looks like it’s doing your skin good.
Getting Drunk You look sexier when you’re drunk.
Marriage I might consider one with you.

Kokoro’s Romance Level 1 Topics and Answers

The correct answer to give to fill up the second heart for Kokoro.

The second time you visit Kokoro, after the first heart, answer with How do you find the time? for the opening question. Likewise, for filling the second heart at the end, choose Then I’ll be sure to ask for you every time!

Topic Best Answer
The Perfect Relationship You make a good point.
Yakuman on East One I’ve done the opposite before.
Moving House I can help you make space where you’re at.
Your Dreams A trip around the world.
Age 51.
Opinion on Me? I’m not particularly interested.
Spice It Up! Yeah! Let’s have a blast tonight!

Kokoro’s Romance Level 2 Topics and Answers

When she asks you the opening question, answer with I feel the same way sometimes for the best affection boost.

Topic Best Answer
Birthday Present An accessory.
Domestic Bliss… With a delicious home-cooked meal ready?
Public Relations Secretly record them.
Overwhelmed I’d like to support you if I can.
Gorilla I’m a long way off compared to a real gorilla.
Fun Together Let’s play some mahjong.
Feeling Tense I could do with one myself.

(1 of 2) You can choose this answer to fill the third heart for Kokoro

You can choose this answer to fill the third heart for Kokoro (left), but this answer will also work for her. (right)

Romance Level 2 is the final time you will have to try to answer the topics with the best answer, as you want to reach that threshold. Doing that will trigger one final question from Kokoro, so make sure you answer with Don’t give up. Go for what you want! Oddly enough, Take a break and think about it will also give you the third heart. Doing this will fill the third heart, as well as trigger the special cutscene with Kokoro.

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