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Best Coliseum Fighters - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

You’ve finally reached the Coliseum in Like A Dragon Gaiden and have been recruiting a bunch of new characters to join your team. However, you can only use so many characters in a battle, leaving many to sit on the sidelines. So, you may be wondering which characters are the best to use on your team, which this page will dive into, giving a brief overview of the characters you will want to use. It will also look at the different stages of the game since you won’t be able to get every one right away.

Starting Team

(1 of 3) Kamiyama does some big damage with his cannon.

When you first unlock the Coliseum, you will get four characters as part of the story. These are Hammerhead, Businessman Taro, Hattori the Ninja, and Phoeniki. They are decent starters, especially Hammerhead, as he has nice and balanced stats, but you can get better right from that point. You should have some new Requests from Akame unlocked at this point, some of which will give you new recruits. KATSUWO is a great healer and will likely be on your final team, since his Heat action heals over time.

Yuji Nunokawa is a better defensive fighter, and Excellent Sujiya is another well-balanced attacker. Once you have some money, you can go to the scouter NPCs and start getting some from them. Kamiyama is better than Hattori, although both are going to get KO’ed rather quickly. Likewise, if you can get Mr. Masochist, he makes a great defensive unit that might make it to your final team. The reason for this is his special Heat skill.

Final Team

Upon making it to Platinum Rank, you can start going after the heavier hitters. This will require a good bit of money, as some of the better characters are behind the scouter NPCs. These are Sheep Man, Chicken Man, and Fumiya Sugiura. The last one will cost you ¥3,200,000. By this time of the game, though, that kind of money shouldn’t really be a problem. Yappi-kun is another great prospect, as is Gary Buster Holmes. That should be all of the attackers, so let’s move on to the defenders and healers.

(1 of 2) Later battles can be quite hectic, so having a strong team is needed.

Later battles can be quite hectic, so having a strong team is needed. (left), You might see some characters fall in the tougher battles, but most should survive. (right)

The first defender was mentioned above, Mr. Masochist can heal himself, so he can be good, plus he has a huge defense stat. Another defender is Super Guard Machine, who has big defensive stats (health and defense). Masaharu Kaito is another one to use, although his defense isn’t large. He does have great health and his Heat skill increases the team’s defenses. You get him from the End the Destruction Request. You will also get Toru Higashi from the same quest, who is one of the best healers, along with KATSUWO.

Best Leveling Method for Coliseum

Once you have a decent team or have gathered all of the above under Final Team, then you can begin leveling them. The first Gold Rank Hell Team Rumble is great for leveling up someone lower leveled, like between 1-10 or so. Once you have reached Platinum Rank, you can step up to the fourth match listed there. The reason this is great is because there are no big enemies and it’s not too challenging. You may think the scrolls you can purchase are better, but those only work on a single character, and the best one is quite expensive.


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