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Like a Dragon Gaiden

All Recruitable Coliseum Fighters - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

During the course of the main story in Like A Dragon Gaiden, you will unlock the Coliseum. One of the main modes here is called Hell Team Rumble, where you can put together teams from people you recruit. There are many different characters you can recruit, too, through various methods. You will find a total of 37 different characters to recruit, so there’s a lot of choice here to construct a team.

There are a total of 37 different fighters you can recruit to your team.

How to Recruit Coliseum Fighters

There are three methods in which to recruit fighters to your team in Like A Dragon Gaiden. The first is through Requests via the Akame Network. You will be able to find some Requests that give you a recruitable character upon finishing them. There are a total of 11 characters that can be gotten with this method. Another way you can get some more fighters is through Recruiter NPCs in the Castle map. While some of them might have requirements before they offer fighters, they will usually have multiple.

As an example, upon first unlocking the Hell Team Rumble matches, there is one woman behind a counter in the Fighters’ Lounge who has a magnifying glass icon above her head. All of the NPCs that offer this service will have that icon, so keep a lookout for them. If they require something beforehand, then make sure you meet that requirement. Otherwise, you just need to pay for the fighters to join you. Each recruiter will have three or four fighters, and there are only four of these NPCs.

(1 of 2) As you do Requests, you will sometimes find some unique characters.

As you do Requests, you will sometimes find some unique characters. (left), Some of these characters will join your team upon finishing the Requests. (right)

The last method to obtaining new fighters for your team is via beating them in the Coliseum first. Both the Tournament and Hell Rumble matches will have four characters each, one for each rank, that can join. After defeating them, you will then need to go to the Fighters’ Lounge and they will be standing by the counter. Speak to them, fulfill any request they have, and they will finally be yours. There are a total of eight fighters like this, four for the Tournament and four for Hell Rumble (one for each rank). Except for one instance, it may take a few tries to get some of the fighters to show up in the lounge after beating them.

All Request Recruitable Fighters

The following list is all of the fighters you can recruit by just doing the Requests via the Akame Network.

Requests NPC Recruited
Recruit Homeless Yamanaka Homeless Yamaoka
The Strongest Convenience Store Clerk Ryusei Tobashira
Liberate the Hammer Man Yuji Nunokawa
Save the Pro Wrestler Excellent Sujiya
The Cat-Lovin’ Rapper KATSUWO
The Struggling Host Renji
Final Showdown: Red Peacocks Akira Guren
Final Showdown: White Knights Koji Shiranita
Final Showdown: Black Swallowtails Keita Kuroyanagi
End the Destruction Masaharu Kaito and Toru Higashi

(1 of 3) Keep a lookout for NPCs with this icon above their head.

All Scouter Fighters

The following list is all of the fighters you can get from the four Scouter NPCs around the Castle map.

NPC Name Location Fighters
Well-Connected Gyaru Bar at Fighters’ Lounge Mamoru Tateno (¥70,000), Mr. Masochist (¥140,000), Akimoto-kun (¥210,000)
Broker Coliseum Lobby Kamiyama (¥100,000), Lil’ Ryuji Goda (¥200,000), Super Guard Machine (¥300,000), Patriarch Gondawara (¥400,000)
Millionaire VIP Lounge Munan Akamatsu (¥500,000), Hamako Ishikawa (¥1,000,000), Gary Buster Holmes (¥1,500,000)
Oil Baron Second Floor of Casino Yappi-kun (¥800,000), Sheep Man (¥1,600,000), Chicken Man (¥2,400,000), Fumiya Sugiura (¥3,200,000)

The Millionaire is in the VIP Lounge and requires you to have Gold Rank. He will also ask you to have at least 1,000 fans before he’ll introduce any fighters to you. The Oil Baron is on the second floor of the Casino and requires you to have Platinum Rank. You also need to have amassed 5,000 Fans before he will scout any fighters for you.

All Arena Fighters

The following list contains all of the fighters you can recruit from the actual Coliseum battles. You will need to confront them after battling, where they will have a chance to show up at the bar in the Fighters’ Lounge. Some of these fighters will also ask you to do something before they actually join, like Zhang Wei needing you to hand over any kind of Staminan item.

(1 of 3) For the ones from the arena, you’ll have to fight them first.

Fighter Fight Location Notes
Zhang Wei Bronze Tournament 2 Requires a Staminan item
Brave Silver Tournament Keep answering with “….” until he joins
Yasuo Sodachi Gold Tournament
Wang Wei Platinum Tournament Must have recruited Zhang Wei first
Yoshihito Onizuka Bronze Hell Rumble
Scorpion Nakamura Silver Hell Rumble
Kung Fu Master Suzuki Gold Hell Rumble Give him ¥100,000
Nightmare Platinum Rumble 2 Need a certain number of Fans

For the Hell Rumbles, those aren’t the team ones, but the ones where you go solo against a number of enemies. Make sure you pick the right ones where you see that particular character in the mix, which is usually the first one on the list, barring Nightmare. If you’re wondering which characters to use in your team battles, that will be on a separate page.

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