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All Master System Games Locations - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

The Yakuza/Like A Dragon series has always had arcade games from Sega’s past in it, and Like A Dragon Gaiden continues that trend. In addition to the arcade with more modern games, the game also features a selection of Master Sytem titles. You won’t be able to play these until you unlock the Daidoji Hideout, which will be at the beginning of Chapter 3. Once you have, the Master System is located in a side room. Unfortunately, you only have access to four games at first, with the other eight games being found in the world. This page will list all eight Master System game locations that you can find.

Flicky Master System Location

(1 of 2) Go to this spot on the map and look for the item on the umbrella.

Go to this spot on the map and look for the item on the umbrella. (left), Use your Spider gadget to grab it. (right)

If you thoroughly explore the open world, you might have already found this game. Go to the northern side of the river that cuts through Sotenbori, on the footpath there. About halfway through the footpath, look up at one of the umbrellas you can find along there to see an item. Use your Spider gadget to grab it, which turns out to be the Flicky game.

Galaxy Force Master System Location

Galaxy Force can be fought at Ebisu Pawn.

You will find this game at Ebisu Pawn, located in Shofukucho. Head inside the pawn shop and look at the wares to see it for sale. It will only set you back 5,500, so it’s pretty cheap.

Enduro Racer Master System Location

(1 of 2) The key is on the tree, so use your Spider gadget to grab it.

The key is on the tree, so use your Spider gadget to grab it. (left), Go to this spot on the map for the Locker Key that gets you Enduro Racer. (right)

This game, along with the next two, are inside of the Coin Lockers just south of the Bishamon Bridge. Enduro Racer is located in Locker I4, so you will need to find that key. It’s on the Sotenbori Footpath, which is the footpath on the southern side of the river. Towards the western side, there will be a tree that has an item on it. That will be Locker Key I4, so grab it with your Spider gadget, then open the corresponding locker to receive Enduro Racer.

Fantasy Zone II Master System Location

(1 of 2) Check this spot on the map for the key for Fantasy Zone II.

Check this spot on the map for the key for Fantasy Zone II. (left), It's in between the Gambling Hall building and the next one, and requires the Spider gadget. (right)

Another game that’s found in a locker, with this one being in Locker F4. Locate the Yotsudera Kaikan (the Gambling Hall) in Sotenbori, which is in the southwestern corner. Stay on the street level and head east down that road. Right where the Gambling Hall building ends on your map, you should see a small gap in between the building and the next one just to the east of it. There’s actually an item hidden in that gap, so use your Spider gadget to retrieve it. Open the corresponding locker to get Fantasy Zone II.

Alien Syndrome Master System Location

The key for the Alien Syndrome locker is in Daidoji Hideout, in the corner on the top floor.

The final of the three locker games, Alien Syndrome will be found in Locker F1. You can get this key inside the Daidoji Hideout itself, on the top floor, before you go downstairs and into the proper hideout. At the end of the hall upstairs, look in the corner for the key on the ground. Open up the locker with the key to get the Alien Syndrome game.

Alex Kidd Miracle World Master System Location

(1 of 2) Check this spot at the Castle for Alex Kidd.

Check this spot at the Castle for Alex Kidd. (left), It will be sitting on top of one of the umbrellas, in front of the Gambling Hall. (right)

The final three Master System games on this list are found at the Castle. This one is the easiest of the three, too, as it’s an item you find. On Castle Central Street, go towards the Gambling Hall, in front of it. On the eastern side is an umbrella with an item on top of it. Use your Spider gadget to grab it, which turns out to be Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Quartet Master System Location

Quartet is found as one of the prizes at the Casino in the Castle. It will set you back 2,500 chips, which may seem like a lot, but it isn’t. You can simply purchase the chips, since they cost 100,000 for 1,000, so you’d simply be spending 300,000 total. If you don’t want to do that, save your game and purchase 1,000 chips, then play either high-stakes poker or blackjack. If you lose, reload and try until you win, then keep playing until you have enough chips to get Quartet.

(1 of 4) Global Defense can be gotten from the Gambling Hall prize list.

Global Defense Master System Location

Similar to Quartet, this game is found inside the Gambling Hall at the castle. It costs 2,500 wooden tags, and you can purchase them 1,000 at a time for a small enough price. So, you can either just buy enough tags for the game, or try to win more from the minigames inside the place. The games here are a little more difficult, so it might just be easier to purchase the tags outright.


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