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Drinkin' and Linkin': Akame's Choices - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a number of different trophies and achievements in Like A Dragon Gaiden, some of which aren’t handed to you directly for just playing the game. One of these is the Drinkin’ and Linkin’ trophy/achievement. This one will require you to bond completely with Akame, the person who runs the self-named Akame Network. This page will talk about how to unlock this trophy/achievement, as well as Akame’s choices that appear while working on it.

The Drink Link events will take place at Stijl Bar.

How to Unlock the Drinkin’ and Linkin’ Trophy/Achievement

First and foremost, you will need to progress the main story until you reach Chapter 2. At some point during that, you will finally unlock the full breadth of the Coliseum. At the same time that this happens, you will reach Silver Rank and be able to do the Hell Team Rumble matches. While that doesn’t have any direct bearing on this trophy/achievement, it’s still important for other reasons. That is because in order to start working on this, you will first need to reach Gold Rank. This is done by simply getting the Akame Network to level 10, along with completing any three Silver Rank matches at the Coliseum.

Once you have done that, you will unlock the first level of bonding with Akame. All of these events will take place at Stijl Bar, where Kiryu and Akame will talk over some drinks. During the course of talking, you will be presented with options on how to respond. You might think this is important, but it actually doesn’t matter at all what you pick to say to Akame here. The conversation will continue on as normal, after which, you will return to being able to explore Sotenbori. You will also unlock the ability to do karaoke with Akame for completing the first Drink Link event.

(1 of 2) Most of the events will just be you two talking over some drinks.

Most of the events will just be you two talking over some drinks. (left), You can choose any option when they show up, as none of them matter. (right)

There are three more of these events, which will be unlocked upon reaching Akame Network levels 13, 16, and 19. Upon reaching those level thresholds, speak to Akame at the hideout and tell her you’re ready to go, with you going to the bar. Similar to the first one, there will be some options to pick to say something, but they don’t matter. The final event, at level 19, will have you facing off against some enemies, but these foes aren’t anything special. Upon defeating the enemies and watching the ensuing scenes, you will finally unlock the trophy/achievement.


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