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Super Mario Odyssey

Path to the Secret Flower Field

Jarrod Garripoli

You’ll be back in the beginning area of Wooded Kingdom and as you run around, you should notice some flowers that you can pick up. These will give you a speed boost for a short period of time, which will be used later on in the kingdom. For now, return back to the higher area where you have some Uproots; this is the area you access from the wall by the Odyssey. Capture one of the Uproots and drop down into the area below, with the stream. Continue into the area beyond, where there is a Fire Bros. Get rid of it and you’ll see a ledge above you. However, there is another ledge above that one, which has a Power Moon. In order to get to it, you need to be on the ground below and perform a higher stretch, which you do by shaking the controller. Break the nut and grab the Power Moon (Tucked Away Inside the Tunnel) .

Drop down to the level below and hit the switch to open the door, which leads you outside, above where you first fought the Piranha Plants. Up here, capture an Uproot and get to the ledge above to find three purple coins (65) . Continue to the ledge above and follow it to another Fire Bros., then a nut with a Power Moon (Climb the Cliff to Get the Nut) . In the main area where all of the purple goo was before, there are now tanks called Sherms. To destroy them with Mario, you have to jump on their turret and then perform a ground pound. Of course, you can just capture one and blow all of the others up, which is a bit easier.

You’ll want to capture one anyways, as you need its firepower to blast through the dirt to your west. Head inside the small room, as Mario, and get a seed from the robot there to plant in the nearby dirt. This grows a vine and on your way up, you should see some purple coins in a little alcove. These might take a few tries to get, since they are too high up to jump to from the ground and you can’t really come at them from above. What you need to do is get to an appropriate height on the vine and then perform a hat jump to get into the alcove (or above it and slide down the wall into it) (68) .

Climb the vine to the top to reach the Forest Charging Station, with the first thing you should do is hit the checkpoint flag. There are a few things you can see here, such as some Goombas and another female Goomba in the nearby open area, as well as some robots recharging at stations. First, go to the charging stations and do a ground pound on the one with the shiny bit to get a Power Moon (Thanks for the Charge!) .

Moon Shards in the Fog

Locate the nearby lone pillar and use the coin blocks on the side to get to the top, where a rocket awaits you. Capture it and blast off to reach a new area, which is a little hard to see due to all of the fog. Your objective here is to gather the five Moon Shards, but there’s also a hidden moon. The first shard will be right in front of you where you start and the second will be in the same area, but on a lower ledge. Continue on by climbing up, until you get to two Paragoombas circling the third shard.

Collect the shard and ignore those two, as there’s another flying back and forth at the edge. You should be able to see another platform off in the near distance, so fly over to it, then follow the coins to another platform with the fourth shard. You should see more coins from here, leading downward, so follow the trail and more coins should appear, again leading down. This will put you underneath the initial platform, where the final shard will be located. Grab the Power Moon that appears (Wandering in the Fog) , but don’t leave yet. The hidden moon can be found near the circling Paragoombas. From the ledge with coins, drop down while controlling a Goomba to find a hidden alcove with a nut that will be holding your Power Moon (Nut Hidden in the Fog) .

It will be hard to see in the fog, but coin trails will lead you to the final few shards (left). The extra moon is hidden in an alcove at the bottom of one of the platforms (right).

Finding the Secret Flower Field

Take the rocket back to the main area and you should know what’s coming next. You will need to capture the Goombas in the slightly open area and start stacking them. Start with the already formed triple stack and work your way to include all of them, then mosey on over to the female Goomba to get rewarded with another Power Moon (Love in the Forest Ruins) . Enter the area with the Sherms, then make a U-turn to find a spot that allows you to jump on top of the red, metal section, where you’ll find three purple coins (71) .

Looking at the dirt wall, there are some ledges against the wall to the right of the dirt wall. These tiny ledges can be a little hard to traverse, as a normal jump won’t be enough. A double jump should be good for the first few, then for the ones with more of a gap in between, you can perform a long jump. Eventually, you will reach a spot with three purple coins (74) , then a lower ledge that brings you inside of a secret area. There are poles here that you can swing on, by rocking back and forth with the left stick. Swing your way to the right, making sure not to fall from the collapsing platforms and at the end, you’ll find a nut that has a Power Moon (Over the Cliff’s Edge) . Take the pipe to return to the area with the Sherms

Now, take control of one of the Sherms and blast the other two apart, then start making a dent in the dirt wall. You don’t need to destroy every little piece here, as you just need enough to get to the top, plus the upper left corner to unveil a Power Moon. Climb your way to the top, then drop down to grab the Power Moon (Behind the Rock Wall) . Get back up and grab the three purple coins (77) , then touch the checkpoint flag. There are a few ways to go here, with the main mission sending you up the steep slope. Of course, you can’t go up the slope normally, so you’ll have to make use of the flowers to get a speed boost.

Flower Road

Before you do that, though, face the slope and look for a path to the right of it. This leads you to a door on a ledge, so head on through. This sub-level is dubbed Flower Road and you should see a P-Switch immediately upon entering. You should know what this does, if you remember to earlier in the kingdom, but if not, it will create a path of flowers. Don’t press it just yet, but look ahead a little bit to see some Goombas on circular platforms. You’ll be needing them, so you want to act quickly. Press the switch and follow the trail, hopping onto the platforms and capturing a Goomba, then forming a stack with them.

Once you’ve formed the entire stack, get back on the flower path and you will notice it runs through a square-shaped pillar. When it does this, get flush with the pillar and release the capture to get on top, where a Power Moon will be waiting (Flower Road Reach) . Return to the path and you’ll reach another P-Switch, noting you don’t need the Goombas anymore. The second path will be a little more erratic, as it will take a short dip into the purple goo and when you get to the suspended platform, you will need to wall jump to the top.

Grab the purple coins (80) at the top of the platform, then wait for the flower path to come out of the goo waterfall before continuing to the end, where you’ll be able to nab another Power Moon (Flower Road Run) . Use the pipe to get back to the main area.

Elevators and Tanks

Stand in front of the sharp incline and look up, taking notice of the little opening on the right side. This is where you will want to go, so grab a flower and move Mario’s butt up to that opening to find another door. Inside, you will find a Sherm right in front of you, with a caged P-Switch behind it. Take over the tank, but don’t hit the cage yet. Look in the opposite direction and up high to spot a ledge with what appears to be some destructible dirt. Shoot it and a Power Moon will pop out, so grab it with Mario when it comes down to your level (Elevator Blind Spot) .

Look above and behind where you start with the tank to spot the dirt block you need to destroy for a moon.

With that out of the way, go ahead and destroy the cage now, hitting the P-Switch to make the floor move downwards. On the second level, there will be another switch inside of a cage, with this one being guarded by a bunch of Burrbos. Despite what you may think, you cannot run over them with the Sherm, so you’ll need to shoot them. On the next floor, you will be confronted with some Fire Bros, who might be a little harder to hit with all of their fireballs and hopping around.

You will also see some purple coins up above the highest platform and while you could likely get them with Mario, you can actually shoot them with the Sherm (83) . The third floor will be the final one, where you’ll be facing a bunch of Sherms, in what looks like a proverbial shooting gallery. Make scrap metal out of them, then blast through the door, where a Power Moon will be waiting for you inside of a cage (Elevator Escalation) . It’s time to return to the main area and get to the area with the next checkpoint flag.

All you will see here is a ramp leading up to another open area, but there is something hidden underneath that ramp - another Uproot. Head underneath the ramp and look for a drop off, with a pole to climb and a tree that has two purple coins above it (85) . Now, go back and capture this Uproot and look for the large group of gray bricks. Break them to see a sneakily placed pipe behind it, which will bring you to an 8-bit mural. This is a pretty easy mural, as you simply need to head right to find up/down moving platforms. The Power Moon will be in the top left corner, next to the pipe (Back Way Up the Mountain) .

The pipe will place you on a ledge overlooking the flowery open field, where there will be Sherms on one end and some kind of cannon firing balls on the other end. Capture one of the Sherms, destroy the other two, then begin making your way towards the cannon. Note that you can destroy the balls it shoots at you. When you get close enough, you want to aim at the spinning targets with your own cannon fire. Destroy all four of them to disable the cannon and net yourself another Power Moon (Path to the Secret Flower Field) .

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