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Super Mario Odyssey

Dining Out in Luncheon

Jarrod Garripoli

All of the main missions are finished in Luncheon Kingdom, so it’s time to do a little bit of cleanup. The first thing you should do is head back to the arena where you fought the Broodal, as there is now a scarecrow there. This one will spawn a platform that extends out and has a key at the end, which unlocks a moon closer to the scarecrow. The catch is that the smaller bits will fall down after you walk on them, which is easy to bypass by jumping a lot. Do the thing and collect the Power Moon (Luncheon Kingdom Timer Challenge 2) .

Continue as if you were heading to Peronza Plaza and you will find a rabbit just after the little bridge past the Broodal arena. Hit it to stun, then touch the rabbit with Mario to get another Power Moon (Caught Hopping at the Volcano!) . Climb up to the plaza and if you spoke with the wanderer in Sand, Metro and Cascade, then you will find him again here, where he’ll reward you with another moon (A Tourist in the Luncheon Kingdom) . Travel to the Path to the Meat Plateau flag and get on top of the slanted ledge right next to it to find the final three purple coins (100) . Peer over the eastern edge up here to spot a red door, which leads to a room with a chest that contains a moon (The Treasure Chest in the Veggies) .

Backtrack a little bit and capture a Hammer Bro, which you will want to use to get onto the ledge right above where the switch was for a previous moon (the switch was hidden in the cheese blocks). You will find another piece of art here, which points you towards the Seaside Kingdom and will be gotten once you’re finished here. While still in control of the Hammer Bro, go all the way back to the starting area and break the cheese blocks there to uncover a glowing spot on the ground. Ground pound to unearth a Power Moon (Treasure Beneath the Cheese Rocks) . Return to Peronza Plaza and purchase all of the goodies from the purple coin shop.

Warp to the Meat Plateau and walk to the edge there, by the salt pile, looking down at the rocky mountain area. Long jump down as far west as you can and you should see the shining spot on the little ledge there. Do the usual ground pounding to unearth another Power Moon (Surrounded by Tall Mountains) . Warp to Start of the Peak Climb and there will be another scarecrow behind you. This will spawn some round platforms, with a key in the air above the bigger one. Do a triple jump or ground pound jump to get the key, then hurry back to get the moon before it disappears (Luncheon Kingdom Timer Challenge 3) .

The final moon here in Luncheon will be at the top, in the extra large pot where you fought Cookatiel. Warp to Top of Peak Climb and grab a Lava Bubble, then use the cannon to get to the pot. It might be a good idea to clear some of the food here before you touch the note, as they can be annoying. The hardest part about this timed note challenge is lining up the jumps, which shouldn’t be so bad with the pieces of food gone. Once you get the route down, the moon should be easy to get (Taking Notes: Big Pot Swim) .

Found with Luncheon Kingdom Art

That’s all there is to do in the Luncheon Kingdom and if you didn’t purchase all of the purple coin stuff, do that before setting sail for Seaside Kingdom. Once you arrive, warp to the Ocean Trench West flag and look for the coral structure just east of your position. Ground pound or do the spin attack with the fish on the highest part to get the Power Moon (Found with Luncheon Kingdom Art) . Return to the Odyssey and set sail for Bowser’s Kingdom…

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