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The Mean Streets of New Donk City

Jarrod Garripoli

That concludes all of the main missions for the Metro Kingdom, but there’s still a bit of cleaning up to do. Take the spark pylon down to the main area of New Donk City and if you spoke with the Tostarean that wants to tour places (via taxi) back in the Sand Kingdom, he will be right there by the Main Street Entrance flag. Speak with the little guy and he will hand over a gift, a Power Moon (A Tourist in the Metro Kingdom!) . See the taxi parked in front of a building not far from the previous spot, with a scooter in front of it? Jump on top of the highest part of the taxi to get onto the nearby building, where the seed you planted earlier in the walkthrough should now be ready to bloom (City Gardening: Building Planter) .

Hop onto the small water tower next to the plant and onto the adjacent building. From there, look above you to spot some purple coins sitting on top of a billboard (62) . Look around on the rooftops up here to see that the ground below some trash bags in the corner is glowing. Do the obvious and ground pound that spot to unearth another Power Moon (Who Piled Garbage on This?) . In between the two buildings is a piece of scaffolding, with a spark pylon on the one end. Take this down below to find three purple coins (65) , then return to the rooftop. Look off the western end of this set of buildings to find two more purple coins in between some billboards (67) .

Look for the billboard with a pole on top and use the pole to fling over to the scaffolding to the north, where you can then drop down to collect two purple coins on another billboard (69) . Flick yourself to the top of the buildings here, with the Rooftop Garden flag and if you peer over to a roof to the southeast, you might happen to find a rabbit. This rabbit will hop over between that roof and the area with the flag, but you should be able to corner him to touch him and get another Power Moon (Caught Hopping on a Building!) .

The garbage is hiding a Power Moon (left). Near the previous moon are two purple coins between two billboards (right).

Get to the very top of the building with the bushes/small gardens to find another four purple coins (73) , then warp/jump back to the flag you just visited. Drop down to the small roof on your northern side for three purple coins (76) , then on the ground right next to this will be a scarecrow on a girder. As usual, this will spawn a timed moon and some platforms, with these ones being see-saws. One of the quicker ways to get this done is to triple jump and dive onto the second see-saw, then quickly do a side somersault to the third. Once you’re on the third platform, stand on the right end to make getting the Power Moon easier (Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 1) .

Alright, you should be right next to the building with the slots inside and if you recall earlier, you planted a seed in a planter on the adjacent building. So, go behind the slots building and wall jump to its rooftop, then grab the Power Moon from the planter (City Gardening: Rooftop Planter) . Use the fire escape to get back onto the rooftop with the prior set of purple coins, then take the nearby spark pylon to get onto the building across the street. From here, you can jump onto the fire escape to grab two purple coins (78) . Hop onto the metal walkway, then onto the building and head south, across the tall building with the bushes/gardens to another water tower, where you’ll find three more purple coins (81) .

Go down to street level and you should notice an open door on the building with the red flags. Enter to find a big note, as well as some 8-bit pipes. Spawn the smaller notes and you’ll see that the first batch of notes are in the 8-bit mural. Gather those and the second batch will be in the 3D world. For the final set, they will be in both areas, but start in the 3D world and transfer over to the 8-bit mural, since the Power Moon will spawn there (Taking Notes: In the Private Room) . Exit there and look at the building across the street.

On the southern side is a spark pylon that will bring you to the roof, so use it. To the east are some girders with another spark pylon, but underneath the girders are two purple coins (83) . Take the spark pylon to the next roof and glance to the northeast to see two purple coins in the air, off of the girder that’s sticking out from the building; you can use your hat to get these (85) . Get on the roof of the triangular building nearby (not the isolated one) and on a ledge on the northwestern side, not far from the top, will be three more purple coins (88) .

Paying the Bills

Slowly make your way to the southern side of the building, while on the same ledge. Drop down to the building that’s connected and there will be three more purple coins on the eastern side (91) . Continue south and hop down to the space between the buildings to find another open door, leading to a new sub-area. The first thing you will see are some striped poles, some of which are moving. Use these to climb to the top, where a Bullet Bill will be launching towards you. Stare straight at the launcher, then turn around to spot a floating platform with a garbage dumpster.

(1 of 2) Capture the Bullet Bill

Capture the Bullet Bill (left), and speed over to the lone platform to grab the moon hidden in the dumpster (right)

Capture the Bullet Bill here and speed on over to the dumpster, hitting it and popping the lid open, revealing a Power Moon (One Man’s Trash…) . Return to the previous spot and start using the next set of poles to ride to the right, although you will need to be careful of all the Bullet Bills launching themselves at you. As long as your back is turned to the camera, you shouldn’t be hit at all. On the second pole, there will be three purple coins you can grab (same position as mentioned to get them) (94) . Get off at the end, grab the Power Moon (Bullet Billding) and enter the pipe to return to the main area.

Warp to the New Donk City Hall Rooftop and head around to the east side of the building. If you look down, you should see some metal scaffolding below you with three purple coins (97) . Drop down to the ledge below you (there should be a spark pylon here) and go around to the backside of the building to find two metal girders. There will be three more purple coins between them, so either jump down from above or do a wall jump from below to grab them (100) . That’s all of the purple coins, so it’s time to gather the rest of the Power Moons before leaving for the next kingdom.

Power Moon Clean-Up

Remember that spark pylon leading upwards underneath the metal platform with the purple coins on the city hall building? Make your way back there and take that pylon up to the top of the building. There will be a scooter up here, as well as a P-Switch, but ignore them real quick. Climb up to the top and get on those very small ledges, then cling to the side as if it were a pole and shimmy your way to the top. At the very top of the city hall building will be a Power Moon, so jump off and grab it (Dizzying Heights) . Drop back to the scooter and get on it. Activating the P-Switch will cause a large black and white platform to appear, with your goal being to drive the scooter around to grab a key, which unlocks a Power Moon at the end (Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 2) .

If you’re still at the top of the city hall building, look to your east and down a bit. You should be able to see a tall metal girder with a dumpster on top of it. Although you don’t need the scooter, you can simply accelerate and jump to it with the vehicle from its initial spot; you can also perform a long jump to the dumpster. Hit it with your hat to make a Power Moon pop out of it (How Do They Take Out the Trash?) . On the lowest point of the roof area just east of you should be a man with a parking meter and something else next to him.

He wants you to park a scooter here and you can either take the one from the city hall roof, jumping off in this direction, or use the one by the Main Street flag. If you use the former, you’ll need to use the stairs at the base of the little construction area near the parking NPC to get to him; don’t forget that you can jump with the scooter. Once you get in the right spot, the scooter will be locked in and the guy will hand over the Power Moon (Free Parking: Rooftop Hop) . There is one final moon you can get in Metro Kingdom, besides the art one, but that’s in another kingdom.

Warp back up to the top of City Hall, getting to the place with the scooter again. If you look out to your west, you should spot a building with a pool on the roof and glance a little hard to see a Power Moon in the air above that pool. You should be able to long jump from your current place to reach the pool, even straight onto the moon, but if you don’t get it, use the nearby umbrella to bounce into the Power Moon (Glittering Above the Pool) . As already mentioned, that is the final moon for right now, so go purchase all of the purple coin stuff and blast off to the next kingdom, which happens to be another choice. For now, you will be heading off to the Snow Kingdom, just to choose it, then picking the Lake Kingdom for a quick diversion.

Drop into the large dome from the top (left) and pound the ground at the spot shown on the right to receive the art moon.

Found with Metro Kingdom Art

Once you land in the Lake Kingdom, warp to the flag just prior to the boss arena. Jump into the water here and go through the dome’s uppermost entrance, which will put you third level from the ground. You should land close to one of the inhabitants, with a golden coin right there, as well. Touching the coin will make a semi-circle of them appear and they will pass through a large block on the ground, which appears to be a slightly darker hue of blue than the others. Pound the ground on the edge of this rectangle and the one just to the south of it to unearth the Power Moon (Found with Metro Kingdom Art) . That is all, so set sail for the Snow Kingdom.


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