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Super Mario Odyssey

Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid

Jarrod Garripoli

The Invisible Maze

Collecting the last Power Moon will have opened up the door leading into the inverted pyramid, as well as spawn two moving platforms right in front of you. Cross the large gap with those platforms, then follow the ledge to the east to spot a notch with a door at the bottom. Head through the door to find another Moe-Eye on a thin path, in a room filled with poison liquid. Capture the Moe-Eye and put the shades on to see the hidden path, only you need to traverse it as Mario. Before you head into the next room, though, hit the skull sign with your hat and keep it there by holding the Y button. Eventually, a Power Moon will pop out and land on the lone platform in the lower left corner (Skull Sign in the Transparent Maze) .

Move on to the second room, where you’ll be doing more of the same. There will be four purple coins on the platform in the bottom half of the room, so make sure you grab them before leaving for the third room (74) . The third, and final, room will have the Power Moon located in the top left corner. It might be easier to get to the pipe in the lower left first, then perform a long jump to the upper left corner to grab the moon, since the platform with the pipe is a lot bigger. Grab the Power Moon, then exit the “maze” (The Invisible Maze) .

The Inverted Pyramid

The entrance to the inverted pyramid isn’t very hard to find, considering the size of the structure, so head inside once you get there. There will be a large chasm ahead, as well as a Bullet Bill launcher, so capture one when it’s close enough and enter the pipe on the other side to get into an 8-bit mural. Once inside, jump to the left to the higher ledge, either from the top of the blocks connected to the pipe or via the hidden block along the left side. Those familiar with Mario Galaxy might recognize the gimmick behind this little area.

In the light blue area, you have arrows pointing down, which means Mario will be on the floor. Jump into the red area, with arrows pointing up, and the gravity will change so Mario will be on the ceiling. Time your jump to avoid the first set of Bullet Bills and continue to the right, alternating between the floor and ceiling, until you get to a big pit. There is nothing in the pit, so don’t jump down it, and you’ll need to run while going to the right when you’re on the ceiling. When you get to the end, go in the pipe (press up).

You’ll be an inverted section of the 8-bit mural now, with nothing of a threat between your way, other than some Goombas, who are coming out of a pipe at the end. Speaking of that, you should notice the wall on the right has a hole in it, so hop over the pipe and into that hole to discover a secret area, with a bunch of coins and a Power Moon (Secret of the Inverted Mural) . Enter the pipe you passed to come to another brief 8-bit mural, with another launcher to your left. Before heading right, hop on top of the launcher and jump up to hit a hidden block, then do the same thing with that to get another hidden block.

The conveyor with the pillars (left) is hiding a secret room with a multitude of treasures (right).

This allows you to reach the inverted section up top, which has three purple coins (77) . Continue to the right and drop back down to the ground, exiting the mural to get back to the normal world. Note that the Bullet Bill will chase you out of the mural, which you actually want. There are some stone blocks in the way along the wall, so you’ll need to either lure the Bullet Bills over to it before moving out of the way, or you can simply capture them and run them into the blocks. Lure another Bullet Bill into the adjacent room, breaking the lone block there for a Life-Up Heart.

If you did the above, then get another Bullet Bill and boost your way across the gap, trying to stop/release the capture on the conveyor of pillars. Ride this conveyor to the left and you’ll eventually drop down into a room filled with golden coins and a chest, which contains a Power Moon (Hidden Room in the Inverted Pyramid) . Take the pipe, get another Bullet Bill, fly to the end and use the flowers to spring to the top. Avoid the small cacti and head through the door to appear at the top of the inverted pyramid. There is a life-replenishing heart there if you need it, but walk into the center to trigger another boss battle with one of the Broodals.

BOSS - Harriet Broodal

The female Broodal will be your opponent this time and she can be easily defeated quickly, if you know what to do. First and foremost, she is wearing a metal helmet on her head, which means you have to knock it off before you can hit her. She’ll begin the fight by tossing spiked bombs at you with her long hair, which will explode after a few seconds, leaving behind a lava puddle. After two of these, she’ll bring out a bigger bomb that she’ll twirl around and perform an overhead smash, with the bomb being stuck in the ground. Hit the bomb with Cappy to send it back to her, knocking off her hat, which means you can jump on her head to deal damage.

Not only can you toss back the bombs on the ground (left), but even the ones when she’s in the air (right).

Note that you can “toss” back her little bombs, too, but they have to be aimed at her and don’t automatically go back like the bigger one. After jumping on her head, she will retreat into her hat and fly around (like a UFO), dropping bombs that will explode quickly and leave the lava puddles. Once she is done with that, Harriet will revert back to the beginning of her attack pattern. It is entirely possible to knock one of the bombs up and hit her while flying, but she tends to move very quickly, so it will be a bit troublesome. For the second and third hits, she will panic and run around, but you can toss Cappy at her to make her stay in one place. Once you hit her thrice, Harriet will cough up a Multi Moon (Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid) .

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