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Under the Cheese Rocks

Jarrod Garripoli

Moon Shards in the Bubbling Lava

Defeating Spewart will cause a bridge to appear to the north, but you don’t want to cross it just yet. Instead, if you take a glance down with the camera on the southern end, you should find a door, which leads you to a new sub-area. Here, there are various platforms that alternate into rising and falling into the lava, but they all have a little section will always stick out of the lava. First and foremost, you should see some platforms by the pillar around the doorway you used to enter here. Use those to grab the moon hanging around the corner (Corner of the Magma Swamp) , then get back to the main area.

Your objective here is to gather five Moon Shards, but the platforms aren’t the only obstacles, as you have Piranha Plants to deal with, too. Fortunately, all of the shards are in plain sight, so you don’t have to go out of your way for any of them. Don’t forget that you can use your hat to collect the shards. Save the shard by the pipe at the end for last, then collect the moon (Magma Swamp: Floating and Sinking) and exit back to the main area.

Peronza Plaza

Cross that bridge from before now and use the fork in the wall to flick yourself up to collect the three purple coins (12) . This will bring you to Peronza Plaza, the main town of sorts for this kingdom. There’s quite a bit to do here, so start by heading north and looking to your west a bit to spot some purple coins on top of the purple clams (15) . Nearby is a building that will be familiar when you enter it, as it is another round of slots. It’s not any different from before, other than having to stop five reels to get the Power Moon (Luncheon Kingdom Slots) .

Back in the plaza, get on top of the slots building (long jumping from the previous purple coins makes it easy), then look east-ish to see three purple coins hidden behind some vegetables (18) . Return to the roof of the building, with your next goal being to get on top of the “mountain” to your west. From the greenish-blue flat area adjacent to the building, backflip-walljump and hat throw dive to the next height. From there, you can simply backflip up higher and run over to the end, where the ground will be glowing. Ground pound this to unearth a Power Moon (Overlooking a Bunch of Ingredients) .

Return to the flag now and look at the bunch of food piled up to your east. Climb to the top, then hop onto one of the nearby pillars. From here, you want to long jump (or whatever other method you choose) to the pillar at the eastern end, where you can ground pound to get another Power Moon (Atop a Column in a Row) . There will be a big pot of stew next to these pillars, with three purple coins right next to it (21) , and speaking with the NPC overlooking it will have him tell you about golden turnips. Luckily, there is one very close by, so start by looking north to see the shop.

Right next to the shop are three plants in the ground, so use your hat to harvest the middle one to unearth a gold turnip. Pick up this turnip and toss it into the stew to get a Power Moon (Golden Turnip Recipe 1) . The regular turnips will just get you a few coins. Enter the shop and purchase the moon from the yellow vendor (Shopping in Mount Volbono) , then you should have enough purple coins to buy the Chef Hat and Outfit; make sure you put them on before leaving the store. Exit and look in between the two buildings to find a stack of wooden crates.

One of the crates on top is glowing, which means it’s housing a goody, so break it to make a moon go on top of the building. Wall jump up to grab the Power Moon (Is This an Ingredient Too?!) , then drop down to get three purple coins behind the one building (24) . Now, go and talk to the one NPC standing in front of the locked door as a chef to get it open. Inside, you will find more stew pots and some Lava Bubbles. To get one easy moon, capture a Lava Bubble and jump right in the pot (A Strong Simmer) .

The other pot, at the far end, is a little trickier to get to, since you need to use the Magmatos to reach it. As long as you can reach the little pool of lava behind the Magmatos, you can jump into the pot to get another Power Moon (An Extreme Simmer) . Take the pipe to get back to the main area.

Bubbles in the Lava

You’re finished in Peronza Plaza for now, so look for the little bridge extending out on the eastern side. Grab one of the Lava Bubbles and as soon as you land, jump up underneath the bridge to get three purple coins (27) . Head south to the big open area and snag the three purple coins in the air there (30) , then go touch the flag on the one island. The other little island nearby is hiding a Power Moon, so head on over and perform a ground pound in the middle for it (Island of Salt Floating in the Lava) . Continue south, steering a bit southwest, until three purple coins come into view, which are in a little notch along the wall (33) .

Keep going south from there and around the bend will be three more purple coins in the air (36) . Remember those colored platforms underneath the boss arena that you might have seen earlier? There is a small tunnel you can go through there to reach to the western side of the map, where you can jump over a small gap and find another five purple coins (41) . Double back to the small islands and enter the door you can see not too far from them. This sub-area is filled with the forks on the wall, which you will use to fling upwards, side-to-side and whichever way you want (mostly the first two).

After the first two, you will see a hat extender device moving back and forth. Wait for it to be on the left, then hit it to get on a fork right below three purple coins (44) . Now, wait for the device to be on the right side to catch another fork around the corner. The rest of the way is pretty easy, but stop before you reach the top, which you know because you can see the moon. You will want to be on the right fork here, as if you move your camera, you see another platform to the right. Launch yourself over there and up to the moon (Fork Flickin’ Detour) , then nab the main one and exit (Fork Flickin’ to the Summit) .

Cheese Block Moon Shards

Return to the previous area and use the geysers to get to the next area, then release the capture to get onto the platforms with the Goombas. Go around to the northeastern side to find a lone cheese block, as well as three purple coins on a lower ledge (47) . Capture one of the Hammer Bros in the main objective area, then return to that lone cheese block. Hammer Bros will throw frying pans here, which you can do with either the Y/X buttons or by shaking the controller. Both B and A allow the Hammer Bros to jump. The lone cheese block is apparently hiding a door, so head inside.

This sub-area is filled with cheese blocks, but you will need to be extra careful, as some parts don’t have ground underneath, so you might fall in lava. You need to collect five Moon Shards here, but only one is visible from the onset, so grab that one first. See the stairs off to the one side? Get to the second to last step and break open the top one to unveil a Power Moon (Climb the Cheese Rocks) . The remaining Moon Shards are all hidden within cheese blocks and you may get them without knowing their location, since the Hammer Bros projectiles can collect them for you.

One is in the cheese blocks near the stairs, another in the corner on the opposite side and one more in an alcove near the previous one. For the final shard, you want to be on the same side as the previous two, but you’re looking for a hole in the ground under some cheese blocks. The Power Moon will spawn in the middle of the room (Excavate ‘n’ Search the Cheese Rocks) . Exit the room and grab another Hammer Bro from the main area, then return to the door. See that little edge above the door that is somewhat flat?

You can stand on the ledge with the Hammer Bro, which is something you will want to do. If you turn the camera to look up, you should spot a ledge that is lower than the others. What you want to do is jump from the edge you’re standing on, toward the lower ledge, release the capture, wall jump off of the wall, then turn around to throw your hat and dive to get on the ledge. It’s harder than it sounds, but is pretty easy to get the hang of, since you’ve done the wall jump, hat throw and dive technique before in this very kingdom. Up top is a Power Moon (Atop the Jutting Crag) , as well as a golden turnip, which you can bring back to the pot in the town for another Power Moon (Golden Turnip Recipe 2) .

Double back to the two Hammer Bros, capture one and then break all of the cheese blocks on the stairs to find four purple coins (51) . All that’s left now is to break the cheese blocks beyond that to find a switch, which when pulled, will remove the glass from the Power Moons, you can get it and open up more parts of the map (Under the Cheese Rocks) .


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