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Super Mario Odyssey

Cookatiel Showdown!

Jarrod Garripoli

On to the final main mission for Luncheon Kingdom (minus some cleanup after it, of course), where you will finally be confronting the giant bird, Cookatiel. Head through the door after collecting the previous moon, where you’ll emerge to find a series of platforms, along with some Piranha Plants. As soon as you come out of the door, there will be a Piranha Plant in front of you, on a platform and if you look to either side, there will be unlit braziers. You can do one of two things here, either line up and coax the Piranha Plant to spit fireballs at the braziers, or capture the Piranha Plant.

In order to do this, though, you’ll need to stuff its mouth with something so it doesn’t gobble up Cappy. Luckily, there are plenty of rocks nearby, but you’ll want to pick up one with the Y button instead of kicking it. Anyway, once you light both braziers, a Power Moon will spawn on that platform (Light the Far-Off Lanterns) . Travel the rest of the way, along the salt-laden platforms, until you get to the next checkpoint flag. You may spot Captain Toad off in the distance, but don’t worry about him for right now and collect the three purple coins off to the side (90) .

Start climbing the ledges here, ignoring the first fork and grabbing the second one, which you can use to fling up to a ledge with four purple coins (94) . Continue your climb, watching out for the small platform that flips, as one side consists of lava. Beyond that is a thin path where some vegetables will be shot at you, but you can easily dodge them by jumping and tossing your hat, rather than use the intended side platforms. Keep going up to where you need to jump across the flipping platforms with a Lava Bubble, then you’ll find three purple coins on another set of flipping platforms (97) .

Once you reach the top, touch the flag, capture a Lava Bubble, but don’t jump in the cannon yet. You can jump over the low ledge by the cannon to the lava below, where you can visit Captain Toad on his little island to get a Power Moon (Bon Appetit, Captain Toad!) . Either take the cannon to get back up, or simply warp to the flag at the very top. Use the cannon at the very tip to launch yourself to the giant pot, where you will be pitted against Cookatiel.

BOSS - Cookatiel

This can be one of the more annoying bosses in the game, as you will see shortly. At the beginning, the boss will simply fly around and spit vegetables and round cacti at you. Right now, you can either wait until he stops on his own or jump up and hit him on his belly, which will trigger his next little phase. Here, Cookatiel will spew out lava from his mouth, which you have to use as a path to reach his head and hit him. However, you’ll want to watch out for vegetables he’ll spit out while doing this, so be ready to jump over them.

After the first hit, he’ll fly around again, so do the same thing as before to make him spit some more lava. This time, however, the lava isn’t in a straight line, but will be oscillating. He’ll still spit stuff at you while you’re swimming/jumping up to hit his head again. For the third, and final, phase, the lava he’ll spit out will be in segments, making it hard to get to his head. If you take too long, Cookatiel will stop and go back to flying. It may take a few tries, but you’ll eventually hit him and finish the boss for good, netting yourself a Multi Moon (Cookatiel Showdown) .

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