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Super Mario Odyssey

Exploring the Mushroom Kingdom

Jarrod Garripoli

Once you regain control, you will see that you are in the Mushroom Kingdom, so start off by taking a good look around your immediate surroundings. To your north is the Odyssey, parked right next to a large fountain, with the kingdom’s shop being on the other side of the Odyssey. To your west are some trees, along with a sheep close to them, as well as some purple coins sitting on top of a large rock. To your immediate east are three purple coins at the bottom of the hill you’re on, as well as more trees. If you look closely at the eastern trees, you may be able to spot something in the middle of it, which happens to be a seed for a planter.

To begin, grab the three purple coins to your east (3) , then head into the shop to purchase the moon there (Shopping Near Peach’s Castle) . You may have seen another option while purchasing that particular moon, which was to buy 10 moons. If you decide to purchase these, then you should know a few things about them. The 10 moons option will add to your overall total that appears on the Odyssey, but they don’t actually count towards that kingdom’s total (yes, you have the option to buy 10 moons in every single kingdom with a shop). Don’t worry about the 10-moon option, as they don’t do anything, except for an easter egg you might want to go for after finishing everything else.

Exit the shop and jump onto the fountain, collecting the four purple coins there (7) . Near the Odyssey, by the fountain, is a Toad with some headphones on and if you talk to him, he will ask you to play some music, but you might be scratching your head as to how. One of the things you unlocked upon finishing the game was a music list, where you can play any music track you unlocked throughout the game. This particular Toad is asking for a “flat-n-blocky classic,” which basically means any 8-bit theme. Pick any of those and the Toad will hand over a Power Moon (Jammin’ in the Mushroom Kingdom) .

With that out of the way, head southwest-west to the big rock, collecting the three purple coins there (10) . While you’re on the rock, you should see a radio to your north. Move up to it and hit it with your hat to start some new music, which happens to be NDC Festival (Japanese), another piece of music for your music list. You should see another three purple coins on top of a tower to the southwest, but ignore those for now and head into the middle of the trees to your southeast to spot a painting. This one will bring you to either the Seaside or Snow Kingdom, depending on which one you chose first when confronted with that choice (Snow in this guide). Hit the warp flag, then open the chest for a moon (Secret Path to Shiveria!) and return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Garden of Nuts

Near the Toads by the shop will be another dog, so approach him and he’ll run off to a nearby hill, revealing a glowing spot on the ground. Pound that spot to find some coins and now the dog will follow you throughout the kingdom. Return to the hill where you started to find another spot for the dog, which turns out to be another Power Moon (Found at Peach’s Castle! Good Dog!) . Open your map and look for the square-shaped pattern on it with two lines through it. This is the garden and there will be four planters here, meaning you’ll have to find four nuts throughout the kingdom to place in the planters.

One is in the middle of some trees near where you began in the kingdom, so go and gather it and plant it in one of the pots. As a quick diversion, smack and tag the bunny that’s hopping around the garden for a potential and quick Power Moon (Caught Hopping at Peach’s Castle) . The second seed you need is located just west of the garden, in plain sight. There are three purple coins next to one of the bushes on the northern side of the garden (13) , as well as next to some bush on the eastern side of the garden (16) . The final two seeds are quite close to one another, in the southwest corner of the map.

Remember that tower with the three purple coins? Jump down to it from above to grab the purple coins (19) , then head to the big pond nearby (ignore the door at the base of the tower for now). There will be three more purple coins on the back of the Dorrie in the water (22) , as well as three more in a small alcove underwater and another three next to a blue mushroom on the western shoreline (28) . Walk to where the water is going over the edge and you should find yet another three purple coins (31) . There is a seed in the water, but let’s get the other one right now; don’t forget to touch the warp flag before leaving.

Exit the lake to the west and journey up the hill to the northwest until you reach the tree there. Behind the tree, on the ground, will be another seed, so grab it and take it back to the garden. Return to Mushroom Pond and snatch the seed under the water, which will be the fourth, and final, seed. While those seeds are sitting in their nice little pots, you can head back to exploring the Mushroom Kingdom for goodies.

Northeast of the garden are three purple coins by the cliff’s edge (34) , so snatch them and locate the double ring plant buds nearby. It should go without saying that this is definitely something special, so perform a spinning hat throw to sprout all of the buds of both rings to spawn a Power Moon (Grow a Flower Garden) . There is a scarecrow close to that, as well as a scooter. Before doing anything with those, look for a big tree with two purple coins on top of it, which is what you will grab next (36) . Now, direct your attention to the scooter and the scarecrow, as they will be your next objectives.

When you toss your hat on the scarecrow, it will spawn a moon in the grassless area to your northwest. Under normal circumstances, this will be a pretty far and trying moon to get on foot, but the scooter nearby helps alleviate this little problem. So, get on the scooter and park it next to the scarecrow, toss your hat on it to spawn the moon, then quickly get back on the scooter and ride to the Power Moon (Mushroom Kingdom Timer Challenge) . Return to the scarecrow now, find the water source nearby, diving into the pool to get three purple coins (39) and following it to right before it falls off to find three purple coins on a stone ledge (42) .

Picture Matching

Not far from where you are is a rocket that you can use to launch yourself to a new sub-area, with a large painting of Mario and a Toad standing by. Talking to the Toad will reveal that you can play a little mini-game, where you need to take possession of the various pieces of Mario’s face and place them in the correct positions. One of the easiest ways to complete this is if you take a picture with some other device, as it will let you use that picture as a reference in placing the pieces. There is a catch for this little mini-game, though, which is similar to the Trace Walking one from the Sand and Snow Kingdoms.

Every time you place a piece on the board, it will disappear, so you won’t have a frame of reference for the next piece. Essentially, you are left with a blank canvas the entire time. One of the biggest mistakes people seem to make with this is placing the eyes upside down; the eyes have a little white dot in the middle of them and those should be in the up position. There are two moons you can get from this mini-game, with the first attempt requiring 60 points and the second 80 points. Note that you only get the outline of Mario for the second attempt, but the game is fairly lenient in scoring, as shown below. Get the two moons, (Picture Match: Basically Mario) and (Picture Match: A Stellar Mario!) , then return to the mainland.

A Goomba Kingdom

Back in the main part of the Mushroom Kingdom, head to the castle and into the moat surrounding it. There are wooden poles underwater that you can either pound with Mario’s butt or pluck out of the ground with Cappy. Get all four and the moat will be drained, allowing you to explore if you wanted, although there’s nothing you can do here right now. Return to Goomba Woods, either on foot or if you managed to snag the warp flag there, and start stacking the Goombas, preferably starting with the triple one. Once you’ve gathered all of the Goombas, grab the three purple coins at the base of the little waterfall (45) .

With your giant Goomba stack, double back to where the scooter was located and look for the narrow brown trail. This leads to a ledge, where a Toad will be guarding a hole in the wall, which happens to be housing a Power Moon. Fortunately for you, this Toad is afraid of Goombas and as soon as you approach him with your stack, he will run away, allowing you to release the capture to get the moon (Toad Defender) . Recapture the Goombas and travel west to pick up six purple coins on two stone ledges (51) . Take the Goombas nearby, to the moat, where you should see the female Goomba on a ledge. Drop down into the empty moat and approach her with the stack to get a Power Moon (Love at Peach’s Castle) .

Reliving the Past

Travel back to the Goomba Woods flag and look for a big seed nearby, which you will want to grab. Take this big seed to the base of the tower and put it in the dirt to create a giant vine, allowing you to reach the building on top. Ignore the actual building and collect the three purple coins on the backside of it (54) . Remember those purple coins you collected on the small stone ledge not that long ago? Well, return there and head west to find three more purple coins close to a tree (57) . These coins are sitting on top of a tunnel entrance, so take a venture inside to find even more purple coins (61) .

Don’t go all the way through the tunnel, but back the way you came, then continue west from the entrance to find another three purple coins near some binoculars (64) . Find the pipe in the side of the ground and enter it to a small 8-bit mural. Run to the end to collect the big note, then scoop up the others on the way back, as well as the ones just outside of the pipe to get a Power Moon (Taking Notes: Around the Well) . There is a big well on top of the ground the pipe is sitting on, so drop down it to appear in a sub-area with another 8-bit mural.

This one is a little more involved, with a little twist, too. Once you “flatten” Mario by going inside the 8-bit pipe, you should see a black background just ahead of you. The black background will keep Mario in his 8-bit state as you travel to the right, so you need to make sure you stay within its range once it begins moving. The first section is simple and short, with really nothing in your way, but the second part will have launchers shooting Bullet Bills at you. You can actually duck underneath the Bullet Bills, so you can avoid them if you’re on the ground, but in the air, you will need to dodge a lot.

Right after the first set of launchers, there will be a vertical wall and you should be able to see a moon in the air. In order to get this, you will need get a little boost from the Bullet Bills, so jump off of the lowest one along that way to grab the Power Moon (2D Boost from Bullet Bill) . Once you get the moon, quickly move to the right and make your way to the top, then drop down to the right when you can, making sure you stay within the black background. As soon as you jump to the right, you will come to another black background, but this one will be moving vertically.

While climbing this shaft, you will come across a single block-wide gap in between the actual blocks. You can simply sprint over these and as long as you keep moving, you can reach the top without stopping. Once you do, carefully jump to each individual block, then get off to the right. The last section is a bit wonky, as it involves gravity, as evidenced by Mario flipping upside down when climbing the stairs. To get to the pipe at the far end, you need to jump to the rotating 8-bit sections when they are lined up with Mario.

It can be very easy to screw up here, so make sure you pay attention to the backgrounds before you make your jump. The middle one at the bottom has nothing, so ignore it and take the top route to get to the pipe. Note that after the first one, there will be Fuzzies circling the other central platforms, so you will need to be careful and jump over the ones you can. Note that the controls are a bit weird here and reflect where you are on the circular platforms, so when you are the sides, then up and down will be your movement options to go left or right (think of the movements as a reflection of the left stick). Once you get in the pipe, there are a few more jumps to the second moon (Secret 2D Treasure) and the pipe will bring you back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

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