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Super Mario Odyssey

Cleaning Up Bowser's Kingdom

Jarrod Garripoli

You’ve done all of the main missions here in Bowser’s Kingdom, but there are still some extra things to be done. You’ll be back at the Odyssey and if you approach the front gate, you will see that it is strangely locked now, when it was open before. Note that there is a switch on the other side of the gate and it’s possible to perform a triple jump, with the last one coming off of the nearby pipe, to grab the edge of the rooftop. If you do this, open the gate with the switch, but that’s about as useful as jumping off into the abyss, since it does nothing of use. Also, there is nothing new on the first island, and the pipe will bring you on one of the side platforms in the second to last area.

Before using the pipe, look at the railing behind the Odyssey and find the one tiny Bowser head that is facing the wrong way. Hook your hat on this head and keep it there to acquire a Power Moon (Caught on the Iron Fence) . Use the pipe and travel across the roof, to the other side, where you can find Lakitu sitting there and relaxing with some fishing. Capture him and move northwest under the bridge, collecting three purple coins underneath (82) , then look to the south (should be there) to find the big fish. Do the usual and when you manage to catch it, you will reel in Poochie!? Oh well, it’s the same thing as a big Cheep Cheep and it will still net you a Power Moon (Fishing? in Bowser’s Castle) .

While still as Lakitu, float to the north-northwestern corner and release the capture to get on land there, then use the slingshot to fling yourself up to the roof. If you didn’t get the moon from knocking down the painting frame up here, do that now, then grab the three purple coins (85) and long jump to the other side of the map, where a Power Moon will be waiting for you (Above the Poison Swamp) . Return to the rooftop and drop down to the spark pylon, taking it to the big rooftop, where you’ll be greeted by two rabbits.

Fortunately, only one of these holds a moon, so you don’t have to chase both down. From where you land and are staring at the two rabbits, go after the one on the right, which will get you another Power Moon (Caught Hopping at Bowser’s Castle) . While still up here, there are three purple coins you can get underneath the central rooftop portion on the southeastern side (88) . On the opposite end of the big rooftop from where you first landed is another slingshot that will put you where you fought the boss earlier. There is a checkpoint flag here, as well as some other stuff, like a scarecrow and a pipe.

Jizos Big Adventure

From where you land on the former boss arena, head straight east to the edge of the platform and you should find another three purple coins on the side of one of the flags there (91) . Go ahead and toss your hat on the scarecrow to make a small obstacle course appear in the middle. Make it to the top before the timer runs out to obtain another Power Moon (Bowser’s Kingdom Timer Challenge 1) . With that out of the way, go ahead and enter that pipe you saw earlier to arrive in a sub-area with a bunch of spikes and a Jizo statue.

Behind you is a P-Switch, that when pressed, will spawn a moon on the far end of the area, but it will disappear when you get off of it. Put that in the back of your mind for now and hop over the first set of spikes, then capture the statue and stomp across the second set of spikes to find three more P-Switches. The two to the left and right will let you get two more statues, which will be needed across the gap, so start with the left one. Place the statue on the left switch and cross the formed bridge.

Destroy the wooden boxes with your hat if you want, then capture the statue and drop through the discolored tile to fall into a long hole. Ignore the glowing spot and step on the switch to start an elevator, so ride this to the very top and bring the statue to the middle platform where the first statue is located. Place it on the switch that forms a bridge to the right path, then quickly move past the spikes to the next statue. Capture it and hop up the spiky stairs, then ride the spiky platforms back to the central area, placing it on the third switch that extends a bridge to the final section.

Once you do this, take the two other statues and move them across the bridge, placing them on the two switches there to create vertical walls. This will allow you to wall jump to the top, which is the end, but you might recall that one switch back near the start. Take the statue not forming the vertical walls and bring it back there, then long jump across the gap and wall jump up to the alcove with the Power Moon in it (Jizo and the Hidden Room) . All that’s left is to wall jump all the way to the top for the other Power Moon (Jizo’s Big Adventure) .

The Spinning Tower

Warp to the Beneath the Keep flag and head onto the rooftop with the pipe that brought you up here from the one by the Odyssey. Look for the ledge you can drop off of with four golden rings, leading to a section below with some purple goo that has a ledge around it. Drop down and grab the three purple coins nearby (94) , then coax the Stairface Ogre around to where you can get on top of it and destroy it, opening the one gate that was locked earlier. Head inside to find yourself in front of tall tower with bits and pieces rotating.

Capture the Pokio in front of the tower and immediately start scaling it, but not in a vertical fashion. Instead, head around the sides and to the back, where you should see an alcove below you. Drop down and into the alcove to find another Pokio, as well as a key, which unlocks a moon at the very top of the tower. Now, all that is left is to scale the tower to the top, which shouldn’t be hard. You’ll find two Power Moons waiting for you up there, (Down and Up the Spinning Tower) and (On Top of the Spinning Tower) .

After exiting the spinning tower room, drop down to the roof below with the seed and its planter, but follow it around to launch yourself with the slingshot. Before you capture the Pokio, hop over the railing to a thin ledge and at the end, toss your hat to collect three purple coins hovering over the purple goo (97) . Go ahead and capture the Pokio now, then blast through the army of Spinies. Scale the wall beyond them, collecting the final three purple coins (100) , then enter the door at the top. Welcome to Bowser’s treasure vault, with a bunch of gold coins and a chest that contains a Power Moon (Bowser’s Castle Treasure Vault) .

There are only two more moons you can grab right now, so warp to the Main Courtyard flag and capture a Pokio across the bridge. Navigate the path over the water and climb up to the spot just below the first bomb cannon. Peer over the edge to spy four wooden crates blocking entrance to a small alcove, with a moon inside. The tough part is breaking the boxes without falling into the abyss, which will require you to break the boxes again. Once you do manage to break them and stick to the wall after, get inside the alcove and grab the Power Moon (Hidden Corridor Under the Floor) .

For the final moon, warp to the Beneath the Keep flag, then head onto the western rooftop. Drop down two levels to the area with the seed and slingshot, then look over the edge to spot another rooftop below this one, with a lone Pokio. You may need to dive or toss your hat to get onto this ledge, and once you do, capture the Pokio. There is another set of moving walls around the corner to your west, which leads to a small alcove with another Power Moon (Past the Moving Wall) . That’s all you can do here, so go purchase all of the purple shop goodies, then blast off to the Moon Kingdom.

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Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach and locks down in his eternal struggle with Mario, the former plumber now hero/adventurer. Bowser’s plan this time is to force Peach to marry him, which means even more is at stake. The battle between the pair ends poorly in Mario’s favor, as he is blasted off of Bowser’s ship, his hat shredded. Mario lands in a mysterious world, where he befriends Cappy, whose town was ravaged by Bowser and sister kidnapped. Together, they chase Bowser down to stop his evil doings and rescue both Peach and Tiara.

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