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Super Mario Odyssey

Smart Bombing

Jarrod Garripoli

Upon defeating the Stairface Ogre and collecting the moon it spawns, the gate to the next area will open, allowing you to proceed. Before taking the spark pylon get onto the eastern portion of the walls to find four purple coins at the end (12) . Cross over to the western side of the top of the walls to find a hidden ledge below like in the previous area, with a Pokio down there. Drop down, capture the Pokio and look for the small decoration on that wall that looks like it’s a hole. Stick your beak in this hole to get an easy Power Moon (Poking Your Nose in the Plaster Wall) . Return to the top of the wall and if you look east and down, you should spot four more purple coins on the side of the wall, which means you’ll need Pokio again.

You basically need to drop down from above the coins, stick to the wall and flick to the left or right, depending where you dropped. Once you collect the coins (16) , take the spark pylon to the next island. Immediately upon landing, touch the checkpoint flag and you probably saw the thin ledge just east of your initial landing spot with purple coins. Go and collect them now, knowing full well you can put out the flames with your hat (19) . Move forward to the main area and capture a Pokio, then climb the wall by the entrance.

At the end of the roof section, you can grab three purple coins hanging off the edge (22) . Look down and to the north to spot an alcove below you for another three purple coins (25) . Grab the Moon Shard above the flame, then return to the area with the bomb launcher. Funny enough, you can hit the bombs with Pokio’s beak to redirect them, which is useful, as the bombs can destroy those metal boxes. In the immediate area, though, the boxes don’t have anything important, so just collect the shard in the open and continue west.

There will be a big gap here, with another shard nearby, but this one requires you to use the Pokio to get it along the wall. Bypass the first bomb dispenser and get in between the other two. Where the southern bombs drop off, there is a secret path down here that needs the Pokio. It goes down and to the left, with three purple coins along the way on a piece of metal you can’t stick your beak into, so be careful (28) . The path will then go up and into a hidden alcove with a Power Moon (Treasure Inside the Turret) . The pipe will put you right next to the pedestal where the Moon Shards moon will spawn.

If you look east-southwest from that spot, you will see the fourth shard on a ledge behind the wall (use a Pokio). Jump onto the highest part of the wall and head to the end, then look up to spot four purple coins at the very bottom here. Use the Pokio to acquire those coins (32) , then return to the top of the wall. Head on over to where the bombs are coming out of the wall and get on top there, go around back and continue your ascent to the very top of the tower to find four more purple coins (36) .

Return to the bombs and you should notice that one of the metal boxes is glowing. Direct a bomb to the box with a Pokio to reveal the final shard, but there is one more secret here. See the two boxes right next to the other bomb dispenser? Destroy both of those to reveal another hole similar to the one earlier, where you can poke Pokio’s beak into it. Do this to get a Power Moon (Poking the Turret Wall) , then collect the final shard to get the second main mission moon in Bowser’s Kingdom (Smart Bombing) .

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Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach and locks down in his eternal struggle with Mario, the former plumber now hero/adventurer. Bowser’s plan this time is to force Peach to marry him, which means even more is at stake. The battle between the pair ends poorly in Mario’s favor, as he is blasted off of Bowser’s ship, his hat shredded. Mario lands in a mysterious world, where he befriends Cappy, whose town was ravaged by Bowser and sister kidnapped. Together, they chase Bowser down to stop his evil doings and rescue both Peach and Tiara.

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