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Super Mario Odyssey

Cleaning Up the Lake

Jarrod Garripoli

Peace has been restored to the Lake Kingdom and you’ll be back at your ship when you regain control. Before setting off, though, you can acquire a few more moons here. One of the first things you will notice is that the stairs leading into the Water Plaza have been repaired, so start off by going up the stairs, but stop halfway. There will be a picture on the wall and if you look at it, you might see something odd. It is a picture of Cascade Kingdom and there is one difference between the two. If you look closely, you should spot that the picture on the right has one more fossil on the right. Going to Cascade Kingdom and ground pounding that spot will net you a Power Moon, but don’t leave Lake Kingdom just yet.

Head up to the area with the Goombas to find a Fishin’ Lakitu in the little pond. Capture him and fish up the big fish to get a Power Moon (Lake Fishing) . Look out to the Water Plaza area to spot a scarecrow on the tiny island, so head there and throw Cappy at it to spawn another timed challenge. You need to get to the square-shaped platform with a hole in the middle, and just ground pound while in the water to reach the bottom, where the Power Moon is located (Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 1) . Note that the Dorrie will likely get in your way, so you can wait until it passes before attempting this moon.

Return to the starting area and get on top of the one area where you needed to go last time to get to the Water Plaza (where you unzipped to get to the spiky maze underwater). As soon as you drop down to the bubble dispenser, there will be a seed on the ground. Grab it and swim back up, then use the stairs in the first area to reach the Water Plaza. The pot you have put the seed into is at the bottom level of the big dome, to the left of the entrance. Plant the seed, then go do other stuff and when you come back, hopefully you can harvest the moon.

While you’re in the vicinity, head outside and capture a Cheep Cheep, then go back inside the dome and quickly enter the pool of water right by the bottom entrance. Swim down all the way to find Captain Toad living in a small dome. Talk to him to receive a Power Moon (Let’s Go Swimming, Captain Toad!) , then use the pipe to return to the surface. Back outside, in the water, capture another Cheep Cheep and jump into the ringed platform to get a Power Moon (I Met A Lake Cheep Cheep!) . If you didn’t get the moon from the wireframe in the display room (requires swimming outfit), do that now.

You will need the Cheep Cheep to swim all the way down to Captain Toad.

Zipping Around

Return to the bottom entrance of the big dome and swim out into the water. Look to the north and up the wall a little bit to spot a zipper, so go ahead and open it to find a door behind it. Head through the door to arrive in a new area, with one of the first things you’ll see is another zipper. Unzip it to form a bridge that leads into a big room, so cross it and unzip the next one, which forms a T-shaped bridge. You should see some stairs on the far side here when you’re at the intersection of the T-shaped bridge. If you throw your hat out here, towards the little notch sticking out of the stairs, you’ll uncover hidden blocks.

These hidden blocks will form a bridge, so go up them and unzip the large zipper and then the smaller one to drop down into a secret area with a Power Moon (Super-Secret Zipper) . Back up in the area with the zippers, take the other direction that leads to more Micro Goombas and unzip the thing here to form a final bridge to a large platform with a zipper running down the middle. This large platform is swarming with Micro Goombas, so you can either get rid of them all, or just rush in, grab the key to spawn the Power Moon near the entrance and book it. Carefully make your way back to the beginning (you die and you have to start all over) to snatch the Power Moon (Unzip the Chasm) .

Back in the Water Plaza, go to the opposite end, to the small dome and enter the door there, which was blocked by a rock prior to defeating Rango. The room here contains a small puzzle, where you need to capture the stone sculpture on the left and move it into the correct position next to the other. This can be a bit tricky, as there is only one way the sculpture fits, but here is a solution. From the starting position, go down, right, right, up, right, down, left, left, left, up, right and up. Grab the Power Moon (A Successful Repair Job) and leave. By now, the seed you planted should be fully mature, so retrieve that moon, too (Lake Gardening: Spiky Passage Seed) .

With that done, that leaves two more Power Moons left to get, but the one will require you to travel back to Cascade Kingdom. For now, though, warp to the checkpoint right before where you fought Rango to find the second scarecrow for this kingdom. Backflips are the key to finishing this timed challenge in the time limit (Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 2) . Don’t forget to purchase the souvenirs with the purple coins before leaving.

Found with Lake Kingdom Art

Before sailing off for the Wooded Kingdom, the next destination, take a detour back to Cascade Kingdom for one quick Power Moon. As soon as you land, head on over to where both the Hint Toad and Uncle Amiibo are located. Look for the fossil “ribs” and pound the ground next to the last one, which is where the photo you saw from Lake Kingdom showed an extra one. If you’re in the right spot, then you should have unveiled a Power Moon (Found with Lake Kingdom Art) . Note that this counts for the Lake Kingdom list. Once you have this, get back in the Odyssey and set sail for the Wooded Kingdom.

You will need to look at the painting in Lake Kingdom (left) in order to make the moon appear in Cascade Kingdom (right).

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