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Super Mario Odyssey

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Road to Sky Garden

Jarrod Garripoli

The Wooded Kingdom is another fairly large kingdom, with 100 purple coins and a large number of Power Moons to collect (one reason why Lake Kingdom was put first, just to break up the largeness of the Sand Kingdom). There are a few different areas to visit in the Wooded Kingdom, but one of the first things you want to do is gather 15 purple coins in the first area, as you will be wanting to purchase a costume for Mario before visiting another area. Also, if you don’t have around 400-500 coins prior to visiting this place, you might want to farm some in another kingdom.

From where you begin, look to the south/southwest to spot some large trees, where there will be three purple coins behind one of them (3) . Continue in the same direction, pushing a little more easternly, to find a picture on the back of a tree. Look at it to spot a familiar face from the Sand Kingdom, the Koopa Troopa who asked you to draw a circle. You’ll be getting this a little later, so save it to your Switch and move on. Take a gander to your east to find three coin rings in the air, in between a skinny tree and a very large one. The trunk of the large tree has a hole in it, which is hiding three purple coins (6) .

Keep following the wall to the north, and you’ll spot three more purple coins near a tree, not too far from the shops (it’s east of them) (9) . Look for Sphynx nearby, and you’ll spot some purple coins at the top of a tree, so climb them and snatch them (11) . Talk to Sphynx and answer his question (Flowers is the correct answer) to make him move and unlike the Sand Kingdom, that’s the only “riddle” he’ll have for you. Return to the shops and purchase the Power Moon from the one (Shopping in Steam Gardens) . Northwest of the shops should be a bunny, who is holding another moon.

Those people who played Mario 64 might have flashbacks to Mips in the basement of the castle. You need to hit the bunny with your hat, which will slow down his movements, then run into him, which will pop out a Power Moon. The easiest way to do this, since he will run away when you get close, is to perform a Homing Cap Throw. Toss Cappy and shake the controller while it’s out to have it home in on the woodland creature. Once the rabbit is stunned, he’ll still move around a bit, but he’ll be much easier to get, so grab the Power Moon when it pops out (Caught Hopping in the Forest!) .

The rabbit can be a bit of a pain to hit, but once you catch it, you will receive a Power Moon.

For the other quick and easy moon, just north of where the rabbit was located is a rock surrounded by four little pieces of shrubbery. Break this rock to get another Power Moon (Rolling Rock in the Woods) . With that out of the way, return to the Odyssey and get on top of the wall near it. Look over the edge and you should be able to spot three purple coins on a lower section, so drop down and grab them (14) . Continue following the length of the wall, snatching another three purple coins with your hat (17) , until you reach an area with some new enemies.

This enemy is called an Uproot and its only action involves stretching its legs, letting you reach things high in the air. Hold down any of the face buttons (A/B/X/Y) to do this, then let go of the button to retract your legs after doing a short hop. Note that shaking your controller will cause the Uproot to get a little higher than with the face buttons. With that in mind, look for some shadows on the ground near one of the trees in this area, which are really purple coins, so use Uproot’s ability to grab them (20) . The other tree up here will have some platforms sticking out of it, so climb them with Uproot to spot a suspicious looking nut. Stand underneath it and extend Uproot to break it open, revealing a Power Moon (Atop the Tall Tree) .

Deep in the Woods

Return to the Odyssey and go purchase the Explorer Outfit and Hat from the purple vendor (equip them), then get on top of the wall nearby, but instead of following it or anything like that, simply jump off into the void below. You won’t die, though, as you’ll drop down into Deep Woods. First and foremost, you don’t have use of your compass here, so navigating this place can be a bit of a pain. Second, it is pretty dark in the Deep Woods, so visibility will be limited. When you regain control, there will be a mound of dirt that is luminescent ahead of you and if you look to your left, there is a machine that will dispense seeds if you hit it with your hat.

Take one of those seeds and toss it into the glowing dirt to have a giant vine grow, which you can climb to get out of the Deep Woods and return to the world above. There are a few of these big vines throughout the Deep Woods and you’re only way out, as you won’t be able to warp to any checkpoints or the Odyssey. Back to the action, from where you dropped down, look to the left of the large vine to find one of the walls for the Deep Woods. Right next to one of the trees over there will be a rock you can capture, so do that and move it out of the way, revealing a hole in the trunk of the tree that is hiding three purple coins (23) .

Follow this wall as it goes up an incline (basically, head in the opposite direction of the vine) and you’ll come to a pipe on top of a small hill. Enter the pipe and you’ll find two pipes laying before you. Choosing the wrong one will put you next to the initial pipe, while picking the correct pipe will present another choice of pipes. It should be noted that this part is completely random and there is no set path that is right, so you’ll need to do a little bit of trial and error. After the two pipes, there will be three and the final set will consist of five pipes. Pick the correct pipe in the final set and you will appear back at the beginning, with a Power Moon waiting for you (Past the Peculiar Pipes) .

The big vines will bring you back to the surface (left). You need to have the T-Rex bump into something to be able to capture it (right).

Once that’s over with, continue follow the wall until you find a small waterfall, with a robot standing by it. It is guarding a locked door and upon talking to the robot, you find out you need the Explorer’s Outfit and Hat. Of course, if you heeded the advice at the beginning of this area, then you should already be wearing them, so talk to the robot to open the door and head inside to get another Power Moon from the chest (Exploring for Treasure) . Keep following the same wall to come to a large, square fossil, which you can’t do anything with for the moment.

Nearby this fossil is another vine planter and seed-dispensing robot, so go ahead and plant it. Look for the stream near your location and follow it down the hill to a little pond of sorts. There are two things here, a scarecrow and and if you look in the water, a little sprout. Tossing your cap at the scarecrow will spawn a moon somewhere in the Deep Woods, but blindly finding it can be a chore. See the little hill behind the scarecrow? If you go over the hill and straight, you should find another seed robot. So, toss Cappy at the scarecrow and quickly get to the seed robot, then make a left and look up the hill to see the Power Moon. Hurry up and grab it before it disappears (Glowing in the Deep Woods) .

Return to the seed robot and look around, avoiding the roaming T-Rex who isn’t asleep like the previous ones you’ve encountered, for a frog-like enemy that can turn invisible. This is a Coin Coffer and you’ll want to capture it, with a nice reward of 30 coins for doing so. Once you’ve gotten one, return to that little sprout in the water and shoot coins at it. Doing this will make it grow and it will take a couple hundred coins to make it fully mature, so it can take a while. Once the Power Moon appears, jump off the top of the tree next to it to grab it (A Treasure Made from Coins) .

As before, head back to the wall and follow it once more, nabbing the three purple coins you will find on a log (26) . You will be right next to the edge of Deep Woods, with a stone wall making sure you don’t just haphazardly fall over the edge. Make your way along this stone wall to find another patch of dirt for a vine, despite the lack of a seed robot nearby, as well as a large log sticking over the abyss, which has three purple coins at the end (29) . Close to this section is a pine-looking tree at the top of some “stairs.” Capture the tree, move it out of the way, and pound the ground to unearth a Power Moon (Beneath the Roots of the Moving Tree) .

The Coin Coffer will cough up coins when you capture one (left). Continue spitting coins at the plant until you receive the Power Moon (right).

There are a few more moons to be found here in Deep Woods, another of which is nearby. Close to the last vine dirt you saw, there is a very large tree and if you search around the base, you will find a pipe. Enter the pipe to find three chests and while you may think you just need to open the right one, you have to open all three, but in the correct order. This order is center, left and right, which will spawn the Power Moon (Deep Woods Treasure Trap) . Note that if you pick the wrong chest, three Chinchos will spawn, which you’ll have to defeat before the chests will spawn again.

Back in the Deep Woods, it’s time to mess with the T-Rex. What you need to do is coax the dinosaur to chase after you, which it will do as soon as you get into a certain range. This chase will include the T-Rex doing a charge maneuver, something you want to see. Get an unbreakable object between you and the charging T-Rex, and it will become stunned, making it lose its hat. This allows you to capture it, so go ahead and do that. Remember that Cappy can’t keep control of the T-Rex for a long period of time, so make sure you keep an ear out for the timer.

With the T-Rex under your control, head back to that very large tree that had a pipe in it. On the opposite side of that tree is a fossil you can break with the T-Rex, which is close to the log overlooking the chasm next to the vine dirt. Break this fossil, release the capture, pound the ground where the light is coming out of it, collect the Power Moon and try to recapture the T-Rex before it has a chance to gain its hat back (The Hard Rock in Deep Woods) . Try to find your way up the hill, to where you fed the plant some coins with the Coin Coffer. There will be a fossil you want to break close to the seed robot and vine dirt up here, which has another Power Moon hidden underneath it that you need to ground pound (By the Babbling Brook in Deep Woods) .

The last moon in Deep Woods is down by the wall again. Not far from the vine dirt will be a lone rock by the wall. So, you know what to do with this, but you want to be careful not to accidentally kick it over the edge. Grab the Power Moon when it pops out, then climb any of the vines you grew to return to the surface (Rolling Rock in the Deep Woods) , preferably the one near where you dropped down into Deep Woods, as that will put you back near the Odyssey.

Back on the Surface

Alright, now that you’re back on the surface, find Sphynx and go through the passage he opened up, making sure you pick up the three purple coins on the ledge (32) . You should now be in an open area with a lot of purple goo on the ground, which hurts Mario if he happens to touch it. Go and touch the checkpoint flag before doing anything else, then look to the west/southwest to spot some Uproots in the distance. Go and capture one of them, then use its ability to collect the four purple coins above the nearby gray bricks (36) . Follow the ledge here, around the corner, to find some black and yellow platforms. These will fall after you stand on them, so move quickly to reach the ledge above, where there’s another nut on the wall. Break it to get a Power Moon (The Nut ’Round the Corner) .

Double back now and drop down to the little area below with a pool of water. Jump into the pool and enter the pipe underneath it. This bonus area will have water that rises and subsides, with some Fuzzies to bother you along the way. After the third set of Fuzzies, you’ll want to stop, as there will be a Power Moon hidden above you. To get it, you need to perform a Ground Pound Jump (look below) and wall jump to the ledge above, where you’ll find the Power Moon just sitting there (Flooded Pipeway Ceiling Secret) .

The difference between a normal jump (left) and a Ground Pound jump (right).

Return down and continue to the right, going all the way to the bottom for three purple coins (39) . Avoid the circling Fuzzies at the end, and jump up to reach the Power Moon (Flooding Pipeway) and the pipe. By where you come out of the pipe, back in the main area, look at the top of the water drop to find three purple coins underneath the stairs (42) . Drop back down and head northeast to some black and white platforms, which will lead you to four purple coins ( 46) . Jump back up to the area with the Piranha Plants, snatching the two purple coins in plain sight along the far wall (48) .

These Piranha Plants will shoot poison balls at you and they will form puddles on the ground. Of course, you can use Cappy to easily clean up the puddles, but beware that the Piranha Plants will catch Cappy in their mouths if you toss him at them. So, you can’t use Cappy to defeat the plants, but you can easily just hop on them to quickly destroy them. Feel free to get rid of the Piranha Plants, then look at the moving piston platforms. There is a path to the left of them, leading to a scarecrow. Do the usual to open a door next to it, leading to a small cave with a Fire Bros. in it.

These foes are like the iconic Hammer Bros., except they throw fireballs at you. They typically throw two or three fireballs before jumping to another spot to do the same again; the fireballs are thrown in a set path so they should be pretty easy to dodge. So, you can wait until they begin throwing fireballs, move out of their pathing and jump on their head, at least in this case, since you don’t have use of your hat. Once you defeat the Fire Bros., a Power Moon will appear (Fire in the Cave) . Return to the Piranha Plant area and start climbing to the next spot with the moving platforms.

You’ll need the Uproot to get to the next section, where there will be two more Uproots. See the three gray bricks near the Uproots? Go up those steps, to the end, and stretch an Uproot to uncover a hidden maze. Break through the next set of bricks, then head up and to the right to find a seed hanging off the wall, so break it to get a Power Moon (The Nut in the Red Maze) . Continue down the left side of the previous set of bricks, past another Uproot at the bottom and push the elevator platform up with your stretchy friend. This will let you reach more gray bricks, which will have some purple coins above them (52) .

Exit the maze to your left to come to some Piranha Plants, including the big one shown in the beginning preview. Feed the big one your hat and when it lunges over, jump on top of it to receive another Power Moon (Road to Sky Garden) . Before you continue on to the next main mission bit, there are two more things you can do in the immediate vicinity. You can see a narrow ledge off to the east of the big Piranha Plant, which has an Uproot below the ledge. Drop down and head the opposite way from the ledge, where you should find three purple coins around the corner and at the dead end (55) . Return to capture that Uproot and go to the end of the path in that direction to find a nut hanging on the wall, which houses another Power Moon (The Nut at the Dead End) .

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