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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection Puzzle Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The Chamber of Connection is one of the puzzles in Jedi Survivor, which takes Cal through Jedi temples as part of the Alignment Control Center progression. If you need help solving these rather tricky puzzles, here’s a look into the Chamber of Connection puzzle in Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection Puzzle Walkthrough

(1 of 5) Instruction 1: Click the button at the end of the main room to get the power orb.

Here’s a list of instructions you can follow to make progress through this easier:

  1. Head down the hallway, and stand on the button at the edge of the chasm to open a compartment in the wall. Inside is an orb of power, which you can bring to the entrance of the Chamber and power the device up.
  2. Use the BD Koboh Grinder tool to draw a pathway to the first door on the right if you’re looking into the Chamber from the elevator.
  3. Head into the newly opened room, turn right, jump up the wall then dash onto the structure in the main room.
  4. Us the Koboh Grinder to draw a line up to the wall on your right when you face the energy beam. When you get to the wall, you need to draw it onto the metallic wall structures. You can now press the buttons on the structure you are on to create bridges over the gaps on the wall to get it to the other side of the room. Once it’s over, feel free to drag the line down to burn the vines, then path it over the floor to the second room on the other side to unlock a room with a collection chest in it.
  5. In one of the rooms you just opened, you can walk across a beam, and climb a wall to the other side of the main room.
  6. Jump to the other side of the gap, and open to door to create a shortcut.
  7. Go through the shortcut, return back to the beam of energy, and use the Grinder to create a beam that goes up the stairs to the doorway you just opened. Draw an extra few rings around that platform to extend the timer.
  8. Now grab the Orb from its holder, and place it in the one next to you as fast as you can.
  9. Get the grinder back out, and start drawing more over the new bridge you just created. Walk it over the bridge, and bring it up the steps to the final set of vines to finish the Chamber of Connection Puzzle.

We have added some images to the guide if you need some visual assistance. Each image has a description matching an instruction.

With that said, you will have now completed the puzzle, and be one step closer to solving the Alignment Control Center. You need to solve all Jedi Chambers, as that will award you one of the Map Upgrades in Jedi Survivor, making it easier to find the Essence Upgrades, which you need if you want to complete an achievement and get that pretty platinum or cap out on that gamerscore.

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