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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to Climb the Water Ramp in Jedi Survivor

Ben Chard

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is full of plenty of puzzles and other mysteries, and although your time on Coruscant at the start of the game serves as more of a tutorial to get you back into the shoes of Cal Kestis, there are a few areas where players may get stuck. This page will tell you how to climb the water ramp.

The water ramp in the Undercity has some players stumped in Jedi Survivor.

Getting to the Water Ramp at Renovation Site 4733

After the initial scenes, you’ll be in control of Cal as he makes his way through the Rooftops section of the undercity. This is linear, for the most part, outside of a few chests, but soon you’ll meet up with your ally, Bode, and make your way to the Renovation Site 4733.

During your advance to this area, you’ll be taught how to Wall Run, a simple to ability to perform, but one that will prove invaluable in your time in Jedi Survivor. Simply run towards a wall and jump at it to have Cal start running along it, just beware that you will drop after a short distance, so make sure you look to jump before that happens, using a Jedi Flip for the extra height as it’s needed.

Getting Around the Water Ramp in the Coruscant Undercity

Once you make the second Wall Run jump along the billboard, you’ll find yourself next to a large ramp with what seems like water running down it. Before that, however, look to the left of this ramp to find a hidden Priorite Shard, items that will become more useful to Cal later in his adventure.

(1 of 3) Snag the Priorite Shard from the left of the ramp first

As you attempt to climb the nearby ramp, where Bode has already flown up, you’ll notice that it’s far too slippery and there’s seemingly no way to climb it. Try as you might, sprinting is not enough, so the question is, how do you solve this particular conundrum early in your adventure?

It’s more simple than you might think, if you look to the right of the ramp, you may spot a climbable wall, but still, it’s too high to jump to. This is where the Wall Run comes in handy, run and jump at the wall to the right of it and then jump again at the highest point of your Wall Run, this will give you the necessary height to reach the ledge and climb up to Bode, where you can continue on your way to the Senator’s yacht.

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