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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

All Sodden Grotto Treasure Locations in Jedi Survivor

Ben Chard

As you progress through Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, you may come across some treasures. These are not to be mistaken with Chests which are a different collectible. Treasures will often yield a Priorite Shard or other currency which can be spent at specific merchants throughout the game.

Sodden Grotto Treasure 1 Location

You’ll be pleased to learn that both Treasures can be had during your first visit of the Sodden Grotto (in fact, all collectibles can), a small cave-like area located just off to the left of Southern Reach, just before you reach the Rambler’s Reach Outpost.

Once inside, head down the winding path and if you look to your left, you’ll see a broken shutter you can Force Push open. Before you do so, however, drop off the ledge here and deal with the enemy, then walk to the corner to find the first Treasure hidden in the darkness.

(1 of 2) Head near the start of the grotto and drop off the ledge

Head near the start of the grotto and drop off the ledge (left), to find the first treasure hidden in the corner. (right)

Sodden Grotto Treasure 2 Location

The final Treasure is a little trickier to find and obtain, as you’ll need to deal with another Scavenger Droid (red droids that will flee as you approach them). You’ll find this particular Scavenger Droid as you’re heading through the tunnels after leaving the central area for the first time.

You’ll spot it across a gap that you can’t jump to yet and it may run away before you even get a chance to deal with it. There is an easier way to take out this Scavenger Droid, however, by progressing through this area until you reach the Meditation Circle just before the Rancor battle. Use it and reset the enemies (this will also return the Scavenger Droid if it has previously ran away), then instead of heading through the red-lit corridor again, jump from the higher point back to the area below (you’ll need a Jedi Flip) and you can then slip through the gap again.

(1 of 4) The second Treasure is in one of the small corridors

This will put you right next to the Scavenger Droid and you can quickly slash it before it has any chance to react, dropping the second and final Treasure in the process. Both of these are Priorite Shards and should be useful at Doma’s Shop nearby to purchase the incredibly useful Mysterious Keycode, this in turn will open the way to another Stim upgrade, making life a lot easier for you in the challenging encounters to come.

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