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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Jedi Survivor Pyloon Saloon Recruits: Max Capacity Achievement Guide

Craig Robinson

The Pyloon Saloon is your main hub for learning more about secondary missions and other forms of content. This content gradually becomes more accessible the further you get into the main story, and the more your pay attention to the conversation in the bar, the more you will find you can do. Therefore, you will want recruits to join Pyloon Saloon in Jedi Survivor.

Below we will list all the possible Jedi Survivor recruits for the Pyloon Saloon. If you’re a completionist, this will award you with the Max Captiy trophy and achievement, depending on your platform.

Here’s how to fill the Pyloon Saloon with recruits in Jedi Survivor, which grants the Max Capacity trophy.

Jedi Survivor Pyloon Saloon Recruits for the Max Capacity Achievement

In total, here are all the characters you want to grab to get the max Capacity trophy in Jedi Survivor. Below we have a table representing all the recruits for Pyloon Saloon, along with how to get them, and any prerequisites you need to complete them.

Pyloon Saloon Recruit Location Prerequisites
Ashe & DD Harvest Ridge, Koboh. Its a small region between Riverbed Watch and The Ramblers Ranch. You will hear rumors in the Saloon about a roaming DJ, indicating you can recruit the DJ pair.
Bhima and Tulli Boiling Bluff, Koboh. Go to the other side of the Untamed Downs, directly opposite the Rambles Ranch side of the Downs. From there, you need to mount jump onto a cliff, fight a Mogu, and rescue the two. Requires you to have unlocked mount taming.
Caij Ramblers Ranch, Koboh. She automatically unlocks part way through the Research Tanalorr on Koboh mission.
Jawa Devastated Settlement, Koboh. You must solve the platform puzzles to reach the Jawas on their vehicle. Merrins Charm, Force upgrades to push and pull the heavy containers.
Mosey & Turgle Rambler’s Ranch, Koboh. Unlocks automatically when you get to city in the main story.
Pili Pilgrim’s Temple, Jedha You automatically unlock this NPC after heading into a cave as your approach the large temple in the Locate Brother Armias storyline on Jedha.
Pit Droid Gorge Crash Site, Koboh. You unlock the force lift skill part way through the Luchrehulk mission Once you finish the mission, you can return here and save his ship from the tar.
Skoova Foothill Falls, Koboh. You can find his barge by a small lake, allowing you to speak to him and recruit him.
Toa Basalt Forest, Koboh During the investigate the Forest Relay mission in the early part of Koboh, you can naturally explore a side path, where you meet Toa, who teaches you about the Jedi temples.
T-1N8 Phon’Qi Caverns, Koboh. Teleport to the Mountain pathway, turn around, go through the cavern then turn left towards the waterfall. You can then fly across the gap using a bird and go towards the metal hut. Head inside the hut’s basement, and a droid will be in the corner of the hut’s basement. You also need to explore here to get the chest map upgrade. Bird taming, which unlocks around the Forest Relay mission.
Zee Jedi Chamber story mission You will naturally unlock Zee as part of the main story mission early on in the Koboh storyline in Chapter 2, when you first reach the Rambler’s Retreat.
Zygg & Wini Viscid Bog, Koboh When you get to the Luchrehulk, you will naturally find a small hut with Wini and Zygg inside. You can complete the quest with some cheesing by jumping along some stuck-out parts of the bluff above the hut to get her pad. Otherwise, you may need to wait till you finish the Luchrehulk before you can unlock Force Llft, and use the submerged pillar to air dash across as you are supposed to do.

You now know how to recruit all the Pyloon Saloon recruits in Jedi Survivor, offering you plenty of lore, side content, and even new mini-games to play. You can also now get more of the treasures previously locked off, thanks to the Jawas moving in and removing some of the wrecks in the buildings. You can now also access the Holotactics mini-game in the second floor of the Saloon too. Have fun!

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