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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to Defeat the Ninth Sister Boss in Jedi Survivor

Scott Peers

The Ninth Sister is the first real boss that you encounter in Jedi: Survivor. You encounter her during the first mission on Coruscant, and the fight provides a relatively easy experience of boss mechanics, with multiple phases and different special attacks that you’ll need to learn how to avoid or counter.

The Ninth Sister, Jedi: Survivor.

The Ninth Sister (Masana Tide) Boss Fight on Coruscant - First Phase

Ninth Sister Ranged Attack

This is the same Ninth Sister (aka Masana Tide) that you met in the first game, Jedi: Fallen Order, and you’ll notice some similar attack moves if you’ve played that one. She retains her double-bladed lightsaber, and one of the most frequent attacks that she’ll use is throwing it towards you in an arc. You can easily dodge this attack by pressing DualSense-ButtonCircle, but the better option is to counter it by pressing the parry / block DualSense-L1 just before the lightsaber hits you. The Ninth Sister will almost always follow up one of these attacks with another, so you’ll have to parry / block it twice within quick succession.

Melee Flurry Attack

The Ninth Sister will use a flurry of melee attacks with the double-bladed lightsaber which can easily catch you off guard if you’re not prepared. It will be easier to parry these on the more forgiving difficulties, and if you’re reading this guide you’re most likely already using at least the default medium difficulty setting (aka Jedi Knight). At this difficulty you can essentially spam the parry / block button multiple times as the boss attempts to hit you, but you’ll need to keep an eye on your stamina level at the bottom center of your screen. If this becomes entirely depleted, you won’t be able to parry or block until it’s restored.

Leaping Heavy Attack

Aside from the close range melee attacks, the Ninth Sister will also sometimes leap towards you while spinning her lightsaber, landing at your position with a heavy attack. You can parry or block this as well, or just dodge out of the way if you prefer. You’ll see her legs bend slightly just before she makes the jump, so try to familiarize yourself with this animation to ensure that you can consistently avoid the attack.

(1 of 3) You can only dodge these unblockable red attacks, not parry them.

Force Attacks

In addition to using her lightsaber, the Ninth Sister will also make use of the force by pushing you back, in much the same way that Cal does with his own force ability at the beginning of the game. She only has access to this one force ability in the first phase of the fight, and she’ll often use it swiftly, so your chances of avoiding it are limited. All this will do is push you back briefly however, and you’ll still have time to recover and dodge or parry any follow up attacks from her.

Unblockable Attacks

Although you can choose to either parry or block most attacks from the Ninth Sister, there are some which can’t be blocked or parried, and your only option to avoid them is by dodging. These are easy to spot since the boss will begin to glow in red just before she’s about to execute an unblockable attack, giving you plenty of time to prepare a dodge. She will also often say a line such as “The Flesh Burns” just before executing the attack, giving you another form of warning. You’ll have to get used to the correct timing to avoid these attacks, since dodging too soon will allow the boss to adjust their attack direction. Try dodging at the last moment to avoid this.

Second Phase - Invulnerability Stance

The second phase of the fight will begin once you deplete the Ninth Sister’s health by about 25%. At this point she’ll gain the ability to pull you towards her with the force, and this will happen just after she engages in an animation where she’s holding her head with one hand. She’ll begin to spam this attack for the remainder of the fight, but in truth it doesn’t do much damage so long as you’re ready to dodge or parry / block once you’re released from her force grip. After pulling you towards her, she will almost always immediately follow the move with a melee attack.

How to Break Through the Ninth Sister’s Invulnerability Stance

If you use the method detailed in the tip above, you’ll be able to consistently break through the Ninth Sister’s invulnerability stance. However, if you’re unable to pull this off you can just parry or dodge her attacks multiple times in a row until she exits the stance herself. You can then continue with regular melee attacks to take chunks out of her health until she enters the invulnerability stance again. In addition, if you parry two of her ranged attacks in a row, she’ll be briefly stunned, giving you a chance to move in and land some hits.

(1 of 2) The boss will begin to use this invulnerability stance from phase 2 onwards. You can break it by using force push and then hitting with a melee attack if you’re swift.

The boss will begin to use this invulnerability stance from phase 2 onwards. You can break it by using force push and then hitting with a melee attack if you’re swift. (left), You’ll be held in this position if you don’t break the invulnerability stance quickly, so be ready to dodge or parry once you’re released. (right)

Third Phase - Dual Stance Acquired

Once you bring the Ninth Sister down to roughly 25% of her health, the third phase of the fight will begin. At this point you’ll gain access to a new type of stance - the Dual Stance - which allows you to wield two lightsabers, one in each hand. The main advantage of this stance is that it allows you to strike with melee attacks much faster than any other stance, but your total stamina pool is reduced slightly. In addition, you’ll gain the Force Parry ability, which can be used by pressing and holding DualSense-ButtonTriangle. You’ll enter an immobile stance at this point, but you’ll be able to parry most attacks until it’s broken.

Ground Slam Attack

The Ninth Sister will gain one additional attack in this third phase of the fight: ground slam. This is a simple attack which allows the boss to slam the ground multiple times in a row, each time either pushing Cal back or knocking him to the ground, depending on how much stamina you have. You can avoid this by jumping in the air when the slam attack is used, dodging away from it, or just running to the other side of the fight area.

Now that you have access to the Dual Stance, if you follow the steps noted above in terms of avoiding the Ninth Sister’s attacks, while experimenting a bit with the new Force Parry and Dual Stance abilities, the fight will soon end as you whittle the last bit of health down from the boss.

(1 of 2) You’ll need to dodge, run away from, or jump in the air when the boss uses her ground slam attack.

You’ll need to dodge, run away from, or jump in the air when the boss uses her ground slam attack. (left), Try using Force Parry when it becomes available to you with the Dual Stance. (right)

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