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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

All Stim Upgrade Locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Craig Robinson

For those who need a little pick me up, look for the Stim Upgrades. These will increase the number of times you can heal before you need to rest at a meditation spot and recuperate your heals. So, if you want to go much further and prepare for some of the toughest legendary creatures, bounty hunters and story bosses to come, here are all the Stim Upgrade locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

All Stim Upgrade Locations in Jedi Survivor

Here’s how to find all the stim upgrade chests in Jedi Survivor, offering you more stims to use in combat, useful for fighting bosses, and prgressing the harder main story mission and bosses.

There are plenty of ways to get Stim Upgrades throughout Jedi Survivor. Some simply require you to explore off the beaten path, while others require overcoming certain challenges. The vast majority of them are on Koboh, through various stages of the mains storyline, and some that you need to return to when you have more terrain navigation skills, like the Electric Dart for BD, Force Lift & Smash from Lucrehulk, or the Merrin’s Charm air dash skill to bypass the green lazers or to cross very large gaps. So, beware, you won’t be able to get most of these until you have one or all three of these skills.

Koboh Stim Upgrade Locations in Jedi Survivor

(1 of 2) The Mire Terror legendary creature bosses guard one of the Stim Upgrade locations, which you will find occurs a few times on this planet.

The Mire Terror legendary creature bosses guard one of the Stim Upgrade locations, which you will find occurs a few times on this planet. (left), Follow a hidden cliffside near a Mogu in the Basalt Forest to find a Stim Upgrade Location in Jedi Survivor. (right)

Stim Upgrade Location How to get Required Cal Skills
Basalt Forest, Koboh As you progress through the Basalt Forest, you can climb an area guarded by a Mogu. Climb up the wall run and metal fencing climbing spot, and proceed through the hilltop, and turn right to get a stim upgrade location in Jedi Survivor. N/A
Diagnostics Corridor, Mountain Observatory, Koboh During the Mountain Observatory Missions, there is a room you can access next to a raider, which you enter via sliding through. You will then get one of those grapple platforms, which you can throw outside, and then use to throw yourself into a room you otherwise can’t enter, containing a stim upgrade location. Upgraded Ascension Cable.
Doma’s Locked Door When you unlock Doma’s store in Ramblers Reach, you can purchase a mysterious Keycard item from her for several Priorite Shards. Purchasing it allows you to open the door and collect a Stim Upgrade. N/A
Foothill Falls, Koboh Fast travel to the Mountain Ascent Meditation Spot, and then follow the path that leads to the body of water, and a tameable Relter. You can use this to fly into a hidden cave system inside the Foothill Falls area. Eventually, you will find a wall run spot, and you will arrive at a platform looking over a miners’ hut building. You can then use a terminal to spawn a Roller Mine, and destroy a cracked wall. The cracked wall area will bring you to the stim upgrade location. Relter training.
Gorocco Matriarch, Derelict Dam, Southern Reach, Koboh The Gorocco matriarch is a boss that spawns in the southern reach region of Koboh, more specifically in the Derelict Dam region. Once you get the Lift and Slam force skill from the Luchrehulk, you can head around here and find the hidden lair by lifting an otherwise unopenable door. Force Lift & Slam.
Mire Terror, Viscid Bog, Koboh When you make it to the Luchrehulk mission on Koboh, you can enter the Viscid Bog area. Here, players will unlock the Lift & Slam Force Moves, which you need to complete the latter stages of the mission. Moreso, you must use it to escape the Luchrehulk and explore the Bog. When you can explore the outer regions of the bog, you will find a pathway that leads to the Gorge Crash site, with a right turn bringing you to an isolated platform with two Mogus, which are the Mire Terror legendary creatures, guarding a Stim Upgrade location. Force Lift & Slam, Merrin’s Charm.

Jedha Stim Upgrade Locations in Jedi Survivor

Some of the Stim Upgrade Locations in Jedi Survivor are easily encountered as part of the main storyline.

Stim Upgrade Location How to get Required Cal Skills
Crypt of Uhrma, Jedha When you get to the Crypt of Uhrma location as part of the pilgrim crossing, which you encounter during Brother Armias mission. In one of the side rooms of this area, you will find some magical blocks, which is a puzzle you can solve by force-pulling the various blocks. Doing so opens up a secret room with a stim upgrade. The solution is to top corners, and the middle two on the bottom row. Access this region as part of the main story if you want to, so, you don’t need anything special.
Sheltered Hollow, Jedha You get this Stim Upgrade location as part of the main storyline when you first arrive on Jeddha. Once you get caught in the sandstorm, you will come out of a cutscene in a location called the Sheltered Hollow, where you can easily find a Stim upgrade inside the tunnel of this area. N/A

Shattered Moon and Coruscant Stim Upgrade Locations

Players on Coruscant can go to the Undercity Meat fast travel psot, climb this wall, and fight a droid to secure a stim location.

Stim Upgrade Location How to get Required Cal Skills
Assembly Staging, Shattered Moon There is a side quest you can get when you first visit the Shattered Moon called Investigate the Factory Lower Levels. If you opt to explore this region, you can follow a zipline to the location, and climb an area on the right of the lower factory region. You then need to take some more electrified ziplines, and then follow the catwalk it brings you to. Along, that catwalk is a Stim Upgrade chest location. Upgraded Ascension Cables
Undercity Meats, Coruscant From the Undercity Meats fast travel location, climb the flat jumpable wall. At the top, you’ll find a Security Droid guarding a Stim Upgrade chest location. N/A
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