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Star Wars Jedi Survivor XP Farm: Mountain Pass

Craig Robinson

If you need a Star Ward Jedi Survivor XP farm, you have come to the right place. There are quite a few locations that make for great farming locations, that enable you to get XP very easily. These locations are easily dotted around various acts and stages of the game. So, if you want several locations, you can farm experience, ranging from various mob grinds at various stages of your progression.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor XP Farm

Before we go into detail on various locations you can farm XP in, there are two Perks you can get your hands on which will help you gain even more XP from the various Star Wars Jedi Survivor XP farms. You’re going to want to run at least one of the following.

Jedi Survivor Perk Description Slots Location
Gambler Increases the XP you earn, but you can no longer restore your XP bar after dying. 4 Awarded after beating the Sutaban Alpha, a legendary creature in the Crypt of Uhrma on Jedha.
Wisdom Gain more experience when you defeat enemies 3 Zee (vendor in the Pyloon Saloon)

Taking either of these perks is handy, enabling you to get more experience from defeating enemies. One is a little less than the other, but the one that awards more comes with risks where, if you die, then you lose that experience as you cannot retrieve your exp from the highlighted enemy, like what typically happens if you die.

For general safety, we recommend taking the Wisdom perk. But, if you are comfortable with your lightsaber skills against all enemies we will mention below, then, feel free to take Gambler, which is more efficient, as long as you don’t die.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor XP Farm: Mountain Ascent

(1 of 7) This is the approximate path you will take through the mountain pass Jedi Survivor XP Farm on Koboh.

For this farm, you must have unlocked the air dash ability, which you unlock during the latter stages of the storyline in Jedha. The skill is called Merrin’s Charm, and, you get it after you complete Brother Armias’ main story mission. You will also need the Force lift spell, which you get after the Luchrawreck story mission.

The mountain Ascent region of Koboh is an area of the map found very close to the Rambler’s Reach Outpost, the area where the Saloon is located. From the Pyloon Salloon, head towards the giant cliff walls next to the town and through a tiny cave tunnel into an area called the Foothill Falls. You will need to take a zipline across and enter the Mountain Pass area. The farm route you want to take follows the path all the way to the crack that loads you into the Fogged Valley.

In this area, you will find approximately:

  • 4 Regular Storm troopers (Two only spawn as part of the storyline)
  • 1 Security Droid
  • 1 Scout Trooper
  • 2 Scout Trooper Commander (Scout helmet trooper with the electric stick and orange shoulderpad)
  • 2 Heavy Assault Trooper (minigun user)
  • 2 Flame Trooper
  • 5 Rawka
  • 17 Shiverpede
  • 2 Vilemaw
  • 2 Bramlick

Follow the pathways all the from the start of the map, all the way to the crack leading to the Fogged Valley, and you will encounter all of these enemies. Doing all of this will award the player roughly 75% of a skill bar (without an XP perk activated). This takes around 4 mins to complete, depending on the speed of the Vilemaw kills. It will then take around a minute to get back to the mediation point by climbing out of the Vilemaw pit, and then dropping down from the shortcut to the mediation spot.


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