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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

All Bounty Hunter Locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Craig Robinson

If you’re in the market for doing some bounty hunter challenges in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, then, you have come to the right place. Throughout the galaxy, there are several individuals or groups of Bounty Hunters who are tracking you down, spread across the Shattered Moon, Jedha and Koboh. Killing these NPCS will award players with a special currency, which you can use to gain new droid hacking tools, skill upgrades for the blaster, or or some juicy blaster cosmetics. So, to help you on this quest, here are all the bounty hunter locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

All Bounty Hunter Locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

(1 of 3) You unlock the Bounty Hunter locations and rumours after you take this guy down in the Research Tanlor on Koboh mission.

Below you will find a table showcasing where you can find all the individual or group of bounty hunter locations in Jedi Survivor. Note that these are all spread across the Shattered Moon, Koboh and Jedha.

Bounty Hunter Location How to get there
Corde the Half Halls of Ranvil, Ancient Ruins, Jedha. Take the fast travel point to the Halls of Ranvil in the Ancient Ruins region. When you arrive, go towards the zipline, and then zip across the ridge. As soon as you land, you will encounter the Half pair, which is a shooter and a bruiser droid. You can bait the shooter to the edge of the cliff and force push them to their deaths if you fancy cheesing this fight.
Kili Oso Sanctuary Temple, Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, Jedha Enter the Sanctuary Temple in Jedha, which is the large temple you visit during the Brother Armias mission. The bounty hunter’s location is on the ground at the back of the temple.
Kip Osttar Derelict Dam, Koboh Head to the Derelict Dam fast travel point, and head through the tunnel where the roller mine droid spawn is. Follow the pathway into the dam, and, behind a blue round object protruding into the hallway is Kip lurking behind it.
Mash Automated Forge, Abandoned Foundry, Shattered Moon. Travel to the Shattered Moon, and take the elevator down from the landing platform to the Automated Forge area. Once down, proceed into the building, and you will find a rather large rectangular droid, with a crouched and hidden humanoid bounty hunter hiding behind the second wall on the left.
Meyen Corr Boiling Bluff, Rambler’s Reach, Koboh Go to the small sub-region of Rambler’s Reach called Boiling Bluff, located near the border of Rambler’s Reach and Stone Spires. This is a hidden area connecting to the Untamed Downs, on the direct opposite side to Rambler’s Reach and the Pyloon Saloon, which has its own mediation fast-travel location. From the fast travel point, look for a route that leads to the cave entrance in the cliffside, and you’ll find the bounty hunter location patrolling the path.
Raz Forest Array, Basalt Forest, Koboh Go to the Forest Array, where you discovered Dagan in the main storyline. From the fast travel point, take the zipline shortcut, and go through into the round room which you access via the white door. Inside the circular room is Raz, one of Koboh’s Bounty Hunter locations in Jedi Survivor.
Selfin Jook Observatory, Koboh. Go to the Observatory Understructure fast travel point (if you’ve done the Observatory main story mission), and then climb up the building where the fast travel is. From there, take a bird, and fly towards the larger central structure, where some battle droids and imperials once thought during the main story. Here, this battlefield now consists of the bounty hunter location, and some AI friends of his.
The Cannibal Luchrehulk Core, The Bog, Koboh Go to the Lucrehulk Core fast travel point, follow the path towards the run and jump container to cross into the barracks area. From there, take the zipline to the droid transport vehicles, where you had the wave fight in the campaign, and you will encounter the Cannibal.
Three Bounty hunters Hanger Bay, Nova Garon, B Level Go to Nova Garon, the home of the (CIA) Imperial spy base, and proceed to the Hanger Bay area. On the far left side of the Hanger, you will notice a very long and thin corridor. Move down that hallway to the point you reach a door leading to the Central Command region. Her, you will encounter three bounty hunters at the end of the corridor, one jetpack, one sniper, and one bruiser droid. Take down all three to complete the bounty.
Vaslyn Martz Fogged Expanse, Prospector’s Folly, Koboh Go to the Fogged Expanse Fast Travel point, found in the Prospector’s Folly. From there, take the pathways that leads through a mountain tunnel, which houses a few Bramliks. From there, carry on, and take the right turn through the misty trail. You will eventually reach an opening, where, one sniper, named bounty hunter, and shield bounty hunter will ambush you.
Yuhong Path of Restoration, Narkis Desert, Jedha Either fast travel to the Anchorite Base, or the Desert Ridge fast travel point, depending on your chosen choice. From there, take a ride from one of the giraffe creatures and head to the other side of the ridge from the ruins. You should see some red stone with a tiny path leading off the road. There are three bounty hunters lurking in that pathway.
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