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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to Cross The Tar Pit in the Derelict Dam

Shane Williams

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is full of plenty of puzzles and other mysteries, and you’ll notice when you visit Koboh for the first that there are new mechanic’s to learn, such as how to destroy walls which are covered in tar which cause some players to get stuck. This page will tell you how to destroy them.

You’ll come across the Tar Pit on your way through the Derelict Dam.

Getting to the Tar Pit Puzzle in The Derelict Dam

Once you’re back in control of Cal you’ll find yourself at the Gorge Crash Site of the Koboh Planet, so you’ll want to work your way through the area whilst grabbing collectibles, such as chests. Additionally, you’ll find yourself in smaller tar pits that will teach you how to cross them. You’ll notice there are Roller Mines that you’ll want to use the Pull ability on, then Push it into the nearby wall in order to raise the level, so you can get across. Eventually, you’ll reach the next area, Derelict Dam. Here you’ll notice a large tar pit that currently cannot be crossed, as you’ll need to destroy the wall on the left to raise the level of the pit like you did on the previous ones.

How To Destroy The Wall at the Derelict Dam

In order to destroy the wall you’ll want to drop down onto the platform below, then Grapple across to the wall on the left and climb up. From here, you’ll want to go down the hill and drop down, then enter the building and grab the Force Echo on the right before following the narrow path around. When you reach the end of the path, allow BD-1 to press the button on the device, then you’ll have an infinite supply of Roller Mines. Pick it and launch it at the wall to break it open, so you can return to the outside world.

(1 of 3) Drop down onto the platform and grapple across,

You’ll now want it to follow you without exploding which can be done by paying close attention to its laser. If its red, then it’ll explode, so you’ll want to keep it green or yellow which can be done by keeping your distance. Lure the Roller Mine towards the bridge that is currently stuck upright, then pick it up and throw it at the bridge to lower it. Collect another Roller Mine and lure it towards the pit and throw it at the wall on the left and break it open. You’ll now be able to jump across the two platforms and reach the opposite side!

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