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All Jedi Survivor Map Upgrades & Locations

Craig Robinson

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you can get collectables that offer players several map upgrades. These map upgrades will allow the player to find those collectables on the map, aiding the player to 100% completing the map, getting those store rewards, and getting every cosmetic in the game. If you would rather spend your time figuring out how to get these upgrades, rather than relying on luck to find all the collectables, this guide will help you on that track.

Here is how to get all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Map Upgrades.

All Jedi Survivor Map Upgrade Locations

Jedi Survivor Map Upgrade Type Pre-requisites Locations
Chest Merrin’s Charm You need to head to a location called the Phon’Qi Caverns on Koboh. You can get in here via the metal hut across the chasm you can cross by riding the bird from the waterfall to the rear of the Mountain meditation spot. Once there, go to the metal hut, kill the raider guards, and lift the cover from the basement Head inside and cross the gap into the region. From there, you will need to fight a few bosses, and solve some minor puzzles to get the the map chest upgrade. For a better guide, feel free to check out our dedicated walkthrough for the chest map upgrade in Jedi Survivor.
Databank Main storyline on Nova Garon. When you reach the leader’s headquarters on Nova Garon, you can grab the Databank Map Upgrade from his office.
Essences Alignment Control Center, Koboh Throughout Koboh, you will encounter seven different Jedi temples, typically called chambers of word here. When you complete all of these temples, you will then turn on all the PC terminals in the Alignment Control Center then you can activate the machine for BD to slice up and grab the Essence map upgrade in Jedi Survivor.
Seeds Main Storyline, Locating Brother Armias on Jedha. You need to go and rescue the gardener from the small cave as you approach the large temple where the Brother Armias mission takes place. From here, you can then see the gardener back on Koboh and plant seeds You need to plant all species of plants in all the gardening plots, which will then allow you to access the vines up a terminal on the roof of the Pyloon Saloon.
Treasures Jedha Ruin Rumor questlines There are a few rumor questlines you can do, which allow you to explore some ruin puzzles across Jedha. When that’s done, you get to explore the central one located in Wayfinder’s Tomb. Inside the Wayfinder Tomb is a terminal that BD can interact with, granting you the treasure map upgrade in Jedi Survivor. This will reveal all the Jedha Scrolls, Databanks, and Priorite Shards.

This concludes how to get all Jedi Survivor Map Upgrades. Some of these will take a while, considering the number of puzzles and rumors involved. However, they are the ones that reveal the most power-intensive collectables in the game.


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