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Find The Gorge's Secret in Derelict Dam

Shane Williams

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor opens up a lot once you reach Koboh, and especially even more once you fully unlock Rambler’s Reach Outpost as a hub for the rest of the game. Here you’ll start obtaining a lot more Rumors which are this games version of Side Quest. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to starting and completing the “Find Gorge’s Secret” Rumour.

Speak with this Prospector to begin the Rumour.

One of the prospectors spoke about a path in the Canyon that is hard to reach, but offers some off the best views on the planet. If you can make friends with the local wildlife, they might be able to provide a path.

How To Start Find Gorges Secret Rumor

In order to be given this rumor you’ll want to reach the Rambler’s Reach Outpost which is located in the center of Koboh. However, you’ll automatically be taken to this place as a part of the story, so there’s no reason to go out of your way to find it. Upon reaching Rambler’s Reach you’ll want to go over to the back of Pyloon’s Saloon and speak with the Prospector to begin the rumor.

Where To Find Gorge’s Secret

(1 of 3) Climb up

Once you’ve started the rumor you’ll want to fast travel over to the Derelict Dam Meditation Point. Here you’ll want to cross the dam, then look up at the Torontoshell and use the Focus Button which is R1 DualSense-R1 on PlayStation or RB Xbox-BumperRight on Xbox. This will cause the Torontoshell to lower its head, so you can use its whiskers to climb up. Wait for it to turn its head, then jump over to the platform. Follow the path along until it splits into two, then you’ll want to take the left to reach a Force Essence.

How To Get The Winding Ravine Force Essence

Defeat all the enemies and use the Pull Ability on the box to get it up the hill, then push it towards the ledge and climb up. From here, you’ll want to Wall Run over to the opposite side. However, if you go down the small gap on the left you’ll find a chest that contains a Warm Metal Weapon Material. When you reach the end of the path you’ll want to push the second container down to the area below, then drop down with it. You’ll now want to place one of the boxes in the middle of the path to create a bridge, then push the other box across to reach the platform on the other side. Use the box and climb up to the area above and collect the Force Essence.

(1 of 3) Use the Focus Ability on the Torontoshell and climb up

How To Complete Find Gorge’s Secret

Return to where the path split and now take the right path. Follow it along until you reach the large open area, then Wall Run and use the Rope to get across. From here, use the Relter and glide down to the platform in the center to find another Chest that contains The Hunter Lightsaber. Upon obtaining the Lightsaber the Rumour will be completed.


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