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All Sodden Grotto Databank Locations in Jedi Survivor

Ben Chard

The world of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is chock full of lore and each sub-region has a number of Databanks for you to keep an eye out for. You’ll obtain them either throw a scan with BD-1, or by examining a Force Echo, which will allow Cal to use the powers of the Jedi to sense strong readings. This page will show you where to find all four Databanks in the Sodden Grotto area on Koboh.

Sodden Grotto Databank 1 Location

After using Force Push to knock down the wall to create a bridge across, you’ll soon reach an intersection. Before continuing to the right, head left and deal with the enemy there. Once defeated, head on over to the corner to find the Dead Researcher Force Echo.

(1 of 2) Head to the left at the intersection in the tunnels

Head to the left at the intersection in the tunnels (left), to find a Force Echo in the corner. (right)

Sodden Grotto Databank 2 Location

Continue down the other path and you’ll find yourself back at the central area of the grotto. As you head down to your left, you’ll spot the corpses of multiple Gorgers, BD-1 can scan the second such corpse to obtain the Dead Gorger Databank entry.

(1 of 2) Go here on the map

Go here on the map (left), to find a dead Gorger you can scan. (right)

Sodden Grotto Databank 3 Location

Continue exploring the Sodden Grotto and eventually you’ll find yourself reach the center of the area. Be sure to use the nearby device and have BD-1 activate a shortcut back to the entrance of the Grotto, you’ll need it to make a quick exit once you’re done exploring.

As you head down the narrow path, you’ll spot ribcages in the wall, as you approach them, you can have BD-1 scan them to obtain the Massive Ribcage Databank entry.

(1 of 2) Head toward the center of the grotto

Head toward the center of the grotto (left), to spot a large ribcage you can scan. (right)

Sodden Grotto Databank 4 Location

The final Databank entry is perhaps the easiest of the four in the Sodden Grotto, simply proceed through the area until you reach the Meditation Circle. Just off to the side, in the corner, is the Prospector Remains Databank entry, the final needed for the Sodden Grotto.

(1 of 2) Go to where the Meditation Circle is

Go to where the Meditation Circle is (left), to find the final Databank entry in the corner. (right)


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