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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Chamber of Duality Orb Puzzle Solution

Matt Chard

While progressing through the main story in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, Greez will let you into the Smuggler’s Tunnel from his Saloon to find a part for your downed ship. When you do find it, the ground will collapse, thanks to BD-1, and you’ll end up in an old chamber called the Chamber of Duality. This area has a puzzle in there requiring you to place orbs into the devices to make a bridge among other stuff. This page will show you the quickest way to solve the puzzle.

The Chamber of Duality is a mysterious place.

Chamber of Duality Puzzle Solution

The first thing you want to do is get to the puzzle area. From the Collapsed Passage Meditation Point, jump across the two circular platforms which you can do by double-jumping, although the second jump is tight, otherwise, you can use the wall-run in between the first two platforms.

Drop to the stone platform below, and you’ll need to do another wall-run which will require you to jump on another wall opposite it. Continue jumping across the platforms and do the wall-run, and you’ll eventually end up at a wall where you need to jump back and forth between a couple of narrow walls to reach the top.

Once you’ve reached the top, walk through the cave area, scan the doorway for the “Disaster” databank, and continue through the tunnel, then go through the narrow gap. This will lead you into the Chamber of Duality.

Straight in front of you will be a blue glow sitting snugly in a small metallic device which is where you’ll want to place the orb. The orb however can be found on the wall to the left which will require you to use Force: Pull to grab it. Now hover the aiming line over the metallic device until the line is blue then use Force: Push to throw the orb into the device to create a bridge.

(1 of 2) Grab the orb to your left by using Force: Pull.

Grab the orb to your left by using Force: Pull. (left), Then place in into the glowing metallic device to create a bridge. (right)

As you walk across the bridge, you’ll get a scene, and meet a droid who has been trapped down here for a couple of hundred years, meet Zee. When you regain control, you’ll notice a lot more metallic devices one of which requires at least two orbs, but you’ll need to find another orb first.

This ties in with helping Zee out of their predicament. Grab the orb you originally used to get here and place it in the singular metallic device to the right of Zee to create another bridge. Head across the bridge, and you’ll see another device that somewhat looks like a metallic tombstone. Flip the camera 180° and Force Pull the contraption from the large golden door. Now pull that over to the tombstone-looking device to keep the door open.

(1 of 2) Place the orb on the singular device to create another bridge.

Place the orb on the singular device to create another bridge. (left), Then grab the rope device from the door, and place it in the nearby device to keep the door open. (right)

Jump across the gap in the now-opened door and grab the second orb, and throw it back across the gap then pick up the Treasure by the left pillar near the golden gate. Make your way back to the area with Zee while holding the second orb and place it in one of the two glowing metallic devices. Now grab the other orb, and place it in the vacant slot. Proceed across the bridge you just created and wall-run across the gap, left of the large door to open a chest.

(1 of 4) Pick up the treasure near the door.

Continue past the chest, and wall-climb up to the top. Look towards the top of the golden gate, and you’ll be able to grab another rope device. Force: Pull it and place it in the nearby tombstone device behind you. This will free Zee, and you can drop to the platform below to help them with a scene.

(1 of 3) Look above the door towards the ceiling, and use Force: Pull.

The puzzle is complete, but make sure you pick up the Resilience Perk that Zee unveils before following them across the bridge towards the large golden door.

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